Smart watches have been extremely popular with developers lately it seems. According to a Bloomberg report, there is now another entrant for the race towards producing the best wrist wearable technology with a HTC smart watch.

Readers of the Bloomberg article were led to believe that somebody with inside knowledge of HTC’s business had said that HTC were definitely working on a smart watch and planned to release it during the second half of 2014. Pricing, marketing and exact release dates are unknown, but it’s thought that the HTC smart watch will feature GOOG Android operating system and have a camera.

Rumors Of HTC Smart Watch With Camera

Coincidentally (or not) the rumor came to light on the back of an article in the Financial Times where the CEO of HTC, Peter Chou was quoted as saying that the company thought of wearable technology as “a critical segment for us”. The president of HTC believes that there is a huge potential for growth in the technology of products such as smart watches and many other items. He is obviously not alone in the opinion that wearable technology will take off during the next few years. Several other tech giants have been seen or at least rumored to be dipping their toes into the wearable technology market:

One thing is for sure, HTC definitely need something to inject some interest and revenue into their business. Although the company was once the smartphone favorites in the US, it has seen a slump in the share prices of 54 percent and actually suffered its first ever quarterly loss. HTC are working to combat the problem with redesigns of the favored HTC One handset along with new marketing techniques involving high profile celebrities like Robert Downie Jr. But it looks like the Taiwanese company could be branching out into the seemingly young but fast-growing wearable technology market as a way to put their company back in the game.

[Image via Coroflot]