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“Where do you watch TV?” As few as ten years ago, the answer would’ve been relatively simple. You might’ve answered, “Uh, in my living... The Future of Mobile Streaming

“Where do you watch TV?” As few as ten years ago, the answer would’ve been relatively simple. You might’ve answered, “Uh, in my living room. Why?” Or maybe you would’ve said you watch in your bedroom. In your kitchen. Man-cave. From the shallow end of your giant indoor pool.

The point is that just a short while ago we watched our favorite shows and movies on the TVs that lived in our house. And it was also right about this time that the Jones’ had a mega-screen 100” TV so you had to have one, too.

What if I told you that there’s a huge push for watching TV on a screen smaller than a picture frame?

It’s the age of mobile streaming, folks. And the new answer to the question “Where do you watch TV?” is about to be “Wherever and whenever I want.”

What is mobile streaming?

Mobile streaming is when you watch online content on your cell phone, tablet, or other portable Wi-Fi-enabled device. It’s all the best of TV on the go. Or at least it could be.

The Future of Mobile Streaming

At this point, the content available for mobile TV streaming is still limited compared to the wealth of content available with more traditional viewing methods. However, new TV-watching methods have popped up over the past few years, and these new avenues for visual entertainment have certainly swayed viewers.

According to, 100 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube’s site every single minute. And reports that HBO Go downloads had already reached three million back in 2011.

So, what’s the deal? Do people really want to start watching TV on the tiny screens of their smartphones? Many experts and speculators think so.

The bright future of mobile TV

A lot of people have the concept of mobile TV on their minds. Some are excited about this opportunity while others are worried it’s the end of a 90-year reign.

The trend toward mobile TV has been powered, in large part, by a movement called TV Everywhere. This information comes from, who claims that networks who embrace TV Everywhere set themselves up for success in this new era. Here are a few of developments in mobile TV you can enjoy now or can expect in the near future.

The cooperation of major networks and providers

Now that mobile TV is popular, several networks are attempting to keep up with viewers’ quickly-changing habits. reports that ABC, CBS and NBC all have apps that allow subscribers to watch On Demand content from their smartphones or tablets.

Providers often offer on-the-go streaming options for customers as a perk for their customers.  Not only cable providers, but many DSL providers such as Verizon offer these services.

Live content streaming available on these and other platforms

As it stands today, most of the content available for mobile TV streaming has already aired somewhere else at an earlier time. But all of that might be about to change.

ABC, the network that seems to be the leader in network adaptation toward mobile TV, released a new service back in May 2013. says it’s called Watch ABC, and it allows “authenticated users” to access live content from their local ABC network.

To be an “authenticated user,” Mashable reports that access will only be granted to those who have a cable subscription.

To justify streaming live content on mobile devices, the experts at believe “one-to-many” broadcasting will be used, just like it is for network television today. That means that the content will be sent to all the mobile devices in the area, rather than to a single device at a time.

A more personalized viewing experience

When you watch TV today, it’s a process that involves the TV, your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone. You’re constantly researching the actors or the story online, Tweeting about the episode, or updating your Facebook status to let your friends know what you’re thinking.

TV has become a multi-faceted and personalized pastime. The future of mobile TV invites a whole new way to interact while you watch.

The Future of Mobile Streaming

There are already apps out there that calls “second-screen apps.” With these apps, you could learn more about what you’re watching right there on your tablet or smartphone screen, anywhere you are.

Techhive mentions one such app technology called Magic Ruby. This app syncs with the show you’re watching, showing facts about the episode or scene.


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