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The time has come round once again for Google to release its latest Chrome Web browser.  The new Chrome Stable browser is known officially as... Chrome 31 Browser Released

The time has come round once again for Google to release its latest Chrome Web browser.  The new Chrome Stable browser is known officially as Version 31.0.1650.48 and it is available for free to download for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame, according to a recent post by Anthony Laforge of the Google Chrome team, on the Google Chrome Releases Blog. The 31’st Version of Google’s Chrome web browser has been officially released with a number of fixes and user improvements.

Google Chrome 31

A total of 25 security fixes are included in the latest version, wrote Laforge.  These fixes address a wide variety of issues in the browser’s code. Also included is a Flash Player update to Version 11.9.900.152.  Now that this latest Stable version of Chrome has been released for users, Google continues to labour on the next beta release, Version 32.

One new feature being introduced into Version 32 beta is the ability for users to quickly get a warning on their browser tabs when there is a page that is producing disruptive sounds via a video clip or other content, according to a post by a Google software engineer, Yuri Wiitala, on the Google Chrome Blog.  “Have you ever shuffled through your tabs to figure out where that sound or music is coming from?” wrote Wiitala. “We hear you! With today’s latest Chrome Beta release, you can now visually scan your tabs for a speaker icon to quickly find the offender.

Chrome will also indicate which tabs are currently using your Webcam or are being cast to your TV.” The alert will display a small icon on the affected browser tab to let users know which tab is playing the unwanted sound at that moment, wrote Wiitala. The sound alert is also activated for Webcam sounds and Webcasting volumes.

Also of note in the beta 32 release is a new feature for Windows 8 users that allows better management of multiple Chrome windows at the same time, while accessing Chrome apps using an integrated app launcher, wrote Wiitala. Additionally, the latest beta 32 version includes a Safe Browsing alert that pops up to warn users before they are about to or download a malicious files visit a suspect Website.  The latest beta version now includes automatic blocking of malware files, according to Wiitala.

The beta Version 32, officially known as Version 32.0.1700.6 for Windows, Mac and Linux, also includes a number of new extension APIs and apps as well as a host of fixes and aimed at increasing performance and stability, according to a post by Karen Grünberg, a member of the Google Chrome team, on the Chrome Releases Blog.  As part of the introduction of Stable Version 31 and the beta Version 32 of Chrome, Google has introduced the latest Developer channel edition of Chrome, which is Version 33. By working on multiple browser versions simultaneously, the next versions are in the pipeline for future stable releases.

So what are you Chromesters waiting for?  Time to download and upgrade!

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