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It’s been a long time since Tony Hawk first skated into our lives via the video game world; 14 years to be exact. Over... Tony Hawk Could Soon Be Skating Onto Your Phone

It’s been a long time since Tony Hawk first skated into our lives via the video game world; 14 years to be exact. Over the course of those years, he has skated on pretty much every console available – from the PlayStation 1 and the Nintendo 64 – all the way to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. All in all, Tony Hawk has seen his name on the cover of 16 different video games. 16 games in 14 years – how’s that for productivity? It seems his skateboard has roamed everywhere; everywhere, that is, except for mobile devices. If it’s up to Tony Hawk, though, that will soon be changing.

Tony Hawk Could Soon Be Skating Into Your Phone

Turning Your Mobile Device Into A Skate Park

As a former professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk knows all about adapting his style to change with the times. You can’t just do the same tricks always expecting the same results. That concept doesn’t just apply to his life on the skateboard, though; it also applies to his video game namesake.

Over the past few years, Tony Hawk has realized what Bob Dylan sang back in the early 60’s – the times, they are a changin’. And that’s not a bad thing at all, especially for Tony and his skateboard. Says Tony, …”It used to just be Nintendo and PlayStation, and now it’s all kind of devices. So you’ve got to learn to adapt what you know from the technology into those areas…I’ve been wanting to do a mobile game for a long time.”

Playing a Tony Hawk game on a smartphone or a tablet doesn’t seem like it would be too far of a stretch. After all, the game would certainly make use of accelerators and gyroscopes, allowing the game to be semi-realistic as far as picking up speed and changing directions goes. Some of the harder tricks? Now those might be a little more difficult solely using a touchscreen device. I’m sure Tony will have all that figured out before it releases, though, so no worries. After all, this isn’t his first rodeo.

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