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At WWDC, Eddy Cue took great delight in introducing iOS in the car, “Now, 95% of cars sold today have integrated music playback and... Honda Unveils iOS In Car Mirroring For 2014 Range

At WWDC, Eddy Cue took great delight in introducing iOS in the car, “Now, 95% of cars sold today have integrated music playback and control from an iOS device…But we want to take this integration to a whole ‘nother level. What if you could get iOS on the screen that is built into your car?”  This announcement was met with excited applause from the developer audience.

IOS Mirroring

iOS in the Car will expand upon Siri‘s Eyes Free integration, which Apple introduced back in the summer of 2012 with the release of iOS 6.  The integration into the car was supposed to be seamless; the automotive manufacturer actually installs iOS in the dash.

Apple sees iOS in the Car as running on a dash-integrated screen which is installed above a power button. In the bezel on either side of this power button, Apple depicts what appears to be LED-illuminated Home and Volume controls.

Honda and Apple have been working closely for the last couple of years now, with the well-established Siri Eyes Free integration. Now, though, Honda is reportedly going to announce a new feature in the next few weeks which they say “is more than just simple mirroring”.

Ios In The Car

The Eyes Free feature of Siri allows drivers to tap a button on their steering wheel then control their iPhone Siri voice activated controls. While this is useful for changing music tracks or making calls, Apple and Honda want to take this process further.

Honda has confirmed that screen-mirroring will be included in its 2014 cars. This means the 7-inch display panel in the car’s dashboard can be used as a touch-screen control for the driver’s iPhone.

This new feature is all set to be unveiled on 4 December when Honda says it will be detailed as more than just mirroring. Apart from using the screen to view maps, it can also be used to watch videos, send messages and browse the web.

On 4 December, when the mirroring is officially announced, we expect to hear about the Siri Eye Free update becoming available for more Honda models in the future. Apple is also working closely with other automobile manufacturers Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to integrate the Siri Eyes Free system.

[Images via motorauthority and appleinsider]