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Sometimes driving a vehicle is no fun at all. Don’t get me wrong – I actually love to get out on the open road... McLaren Working on Wiperless Windscreens

Sometimes driving a vehicle is no fun at all. Don’t get me wrong – I actually love to get out on the open road and cruise, but sometimes it seems more of a hassle than it’s worth. Especially when it’s raining, snowing, or freezing rain. Couple those poor weather conditions with a not so nice pair of windshield wipers, and you might just opt to keep the ol’ car in the garage. After all, if your windshield wipers aren’t working all that well it is definitely no fun to drive. Who wants to keep switching their wiper settings from slow to superspeed whenever the weather can’t make up its mind? Who wants to hear that annoying “eeeeek!” when there’s not enough moisture on the glass to warrant a swish from the wipers? And, more importantly, who wants to see the huge smudge caused by your wiper because it has a leaf or something else stuck to it? Indeed, windshield wipers sometimes cause more problems than they solve.

That’s why the designers at McLaren are doing something about them in the future. We’ve heard about flying cars for years and years, but now it seems as if McLaren is taking some of the technology from fighter jets and placing it inside vehicles that are road-bound. To be more accurate, they are going to use the same technology that certain planes in the military use to keep their windshields clean.

McLaren Vehicles Going Wiperless

So, Just How Is That Going To Work?

It seems that the military uses an electronic system of high frequency sounds to keep things from sticking to the windshields of their aircraft. It is able to repel bugs, rain, and mud among other things. McLaren is still being fairly secretive about all of this, but it is safe to say that it is definitely in their future plans.

I for one am all for this vehicle upgrade. If high frequency sounds can deflect everything off of my windshield and allow me to get rid of my annoying wipers – that sounds like a good deal.

What do you think?

[Image via thetruthaboutcars]