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While it may be part of human nature to let our eyes linger longer than we should at the site of a car wreck,... Drone Hovers Over Fatal Car Wreck

While it may be part of human nature to let our eyes linger longer than we should at the site of a car wreck, what’s not so normal is for a drone to do the same thing. Yet, that’s exactly what happened recently in Hartford, Connecticut. While the police were investigating the accident which included a fatality, they saw the drone flying in the air directly above the crash, and while they can’t be certain, it looked to them like it had a camera.

Somehow, the police were able to find the person to whom the drone belonged, but he wasn’t arrested – at least not at this time. That doesn’t mean he’s off the hook with the Federal Aviation Administration, though, who have some pretty stringent guidelines when it comes to the operation of drones.

Hartford, Connecticut

Just What Was That Drone Doing?

This incident serves to beg the question – what was this particular drone doing at the site of a fatal car wreck? And, if it was taking pictures, who were the photos given to? Or, if you’re into conspiracy theories, did the drone somehow play a part in the accident? (If so, you think the police would’ve noticed something while they talked with the owner).

The world is constantly changing – it may not be too many years before we receive live news shots from the flightpath of a drone. It seems there may be no end to the things drones (and robots for that matter) can do in place of humans.

Drone Hovers Over Fatal Car Wreck

And, while drones are expensive, they are obviously not as costly as a human life – does that mean we should use them for more purposes that are deemed too dangerous for humans? Where should we stop? If we’re not careful, we’re going to have a world where machines pull more weight than people, and what kind of world would that be?

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