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One of the most annoying things about going on holiday is either taking a taxi to the airport (expensive) or leaving your car at... FlightCar: Get Free Airport Parking & Make Money

One of the most annoying things about going on holiday is either taking a taxi to the airport (expensive) or leaving your car at the airport (expensive and risky).  Well, maybe there is a way around the problem.   Car sharing startup, FlightCar, offers it’s services to users who can safely make income from their parked cars by renting them out to other travellers whilst they are away.

‘That may sound like a good idea, but what about the problems of insurance and idiot drivers?’ I hear you say.  Well, all the rental cars are insured up to the value of $1 million and all of the people who want to rent are pre-screened to ensure they don’t take your car for an audition at the next Fast and the Furious movie!

The FlightCar Team

If you decide to join up and put your car up for rent, you can get free parking at the FlightCar location. You are then checked in and the team drive you to the airport and drop you off. Whilst you are away, if your car is then rented out, you can make up 20 cents per mile.

“Upon return, the owner can call 1-866-FLIGHTCAR for a pickup or use our web-app. We’ll send a town car to pick them up from the curb. When they get to our parking lot, their car will be washed, vacuumed, and they will receive a check in the mail if their car has been rented. The parking, car wash, and vacuum are guaranteed regardless of whether the car is rented” FlightCar CEO, Rujul Zaparde, said.  There are a number of alternative arrangements in place with the FlightCar system.  For instance, if you don’t want to wait for one of the drivers, you can take a taxi back to the FlightCar parking lot and the team at FlightCar will reimburse you for your fare.

The idea for FlightCar came about when Zaparde read an article about home sharing from the site airbnb. He concluded, if people were willing to share their homes, they may be willing to share their cars?

So far, the company has been responsible for approximately six thousand rentals in Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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[Image via news.cincinnati]