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You know how it is, it’s about 6PM and you’ve been on the go since your smartphone alarm woke you up at 6AM.  You... Fuel: Portable Android Charger

You know how it is, it’s about 6PM and you’ve been on the go since your smartphone alarm woke you up at 6AM.  You have mountains of emails that you just didn’t get through on your commute to the office and you had to finish them whilst grabbing your lunch on the go.  Then there was the presentation that your work colleague told you about which you accessed again via your smartphone, on the return journey from work.  All of a sudden your device kicks into shutdown mode, just before you had chance to save it!


Ok, that may be a tad far-fetched, but for the really busy people out there who rely on their phone all day, the zapping of a smartphone’s battery is no laughing matter.  In fact, it can be counter productive in both your business and personal life!

Finally, it seems as though a solution has arrived. Fuel is the world’s smallest phone charger (it can fit on your keychain).  The design is a mini jerry can, which can be the saviour of your smartphone’s battery life! It comes with the capacity to provide enough power to last for a 30-minute phone call.

Firebox, a retail site for tech and gadgets, has recently listed the handy smartphone charger.  Measuring only 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm, it easily fits into your pocket for those desperate times (such as presentation collaborations at the end of the day) when you really need more battery power. In addition to the small design, there’s an on/off switch so you can reserve Fuel’s power.

This petite aluminium gadget features a micro-USB connector that connects into most Android smartphones including: SamsungLG, Sony, Motorola, Nokia and BlackBerry. The Fuel gadget can hold power for over a month and providing 20 to 30 minutes extra of talk time or even a couple of hours standby time.

Unfortunately, a USB cable is not included with the Fuel gadget (even though the battery itself charges via USB?),  so I’m afraid you will have to purchase one separately. Fuel is available now on the Firebox website for $41.59 (£25).

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[Image via pocketlint]