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The online drinking game NekNomination, has become a worldwide craze and has tragically resulted in the death of two British men. People are challenged... Online Drinking Game NekNomination Causes 2 More Deaths

The online drinking game NekNomination, has become a worldwide craze and has tragically resulted in the death of two British men. People are challenged to drink shocking amounts of strange alcohol concotions and capture the whole thing on video, which is then shared on Facebook.

Stephen Brookes, ages 29, was filmed consuming a pint vodka, after being dared to carry out the challenge by a friend. Sadly the dare resulted in his death.

Stephen Brookes, 29 (top left) collapsed  in the early hours of Sunday morning after being filmed downing a pint of suspected vodka by a friend. Next to him other involved in NekNominations.

Stephen Brookes, 29 (top left). Next to him Isaac Richardson who also died on Sunday, plus others involved in NekNominations.

This is the second British victim of the lethal game, following the death of 20-year-old Isaac Richardson, who apparently wanted to “outdo” other game participants and drank a deadly mix of wine, whiskey, larger and vodka.

The game originated in Australia and spread further afield following popularity on social network sites.

Mr Brookes mother Paula explained what happened saying: “He went home at about 2am and my daughter-in-law rang me to say he wasn’t well and I needed to come over.When I got there the paramedics were doing everything they could but he didn’t respond. He died in his sleep. Stephen was a fabulous son – he was kind, generous and funny, everybody loved him. The community here will not be the same without him – he would do anything to help anybody. I want to thank all of Stephen’s friends for all the kindness they have shown. Lots of his friends have brought cards.”

Ban NekNomination

Friends of Mr Brooke have now started a Facebook page named ‘Ban NekNominate’, hoping that Facebook will be forced to act and put a stop to the videos that are glamourising the dangerous online craze.

Friend Bethan Crew said: “NekNominate has ruined lives all over but now it’s happened on our doorstep to someone undeserving. So please all learn from this and put an end to this stupid game – life is too short and precious to play games with.”

There have been other cases of death as a result of NekNominate challenges so now officials are calling for new ways to raise awareness of the dangers. Clearly people’s attitude towards alcohol consumption needs to be addressed.

Alcohol Concern chief executive Eric Appleby said: “It is devastating for family and friends to lose someone in this way. This lethal “game” shows just how hard we have to work to de-normalise binge-drinking among young people. But it’s not just about young people. They take their cues from society’s attitude to drinking and it’s this we have to change for all our sakes.”

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