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Kim Dotcom in New Political Venture
The German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, who is currently wanted by US for copyright infringement and money laundering in connection with the Megaupload web service, has launched a political party in New Zealand. The Internet Party manifesto said it would fight for net neutrality, faster broadband and online privacy.  The party plans... Read more
The White House Wants To Build Wooden Skyscrapers
Folks at the White House always seem to have plenty of ideas. While politicians may never seem to agree on very much, it’s not because there’s any lack of ideas – it’s because everyone thinks their own idea is better. Some of the ideas that come out of Washington... Read more
Appbucket Founders Convicted
The leader of a piracy group and a co-conspirator, that was engaged in the illegal distribution of copies of copyrighted Android apps have pleaded guilty for their roles in the plot that distributed more than a million copies of copyrighted apps.  The total retail value of these apps was... Read more
Microsoft Changes Privacy Policy – They Won’t Snoop On Emails Anymore
Privacy is always a touchy thing, whether or not you have something to hide. And when people in “power” do invade privacy in one way or another, the proverbial excrement does hit the spinning blades. Last week, the case of Microsoft snooping on a Hotmail user’s emails because of... Read more
Google Chrome Extensions And Tweaks
Let’s face it, there are some very good web browsers on the market today; Microsoft’s IE, Apple’s Safari and Google’s offering; Google Chrome.  Chrome is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used browsers across the globe and for good reason. One of the cool things that make Google... Read more
Use Your iPhone To Make Floor Plans
It seems there is going to be no end to the tasks iPhones can help us perform. They’ve all but replaced most cameras for the average person, and now in some instances they’re even going to replace the old fashioned tape measure. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably... Read more
Texting While Driving Could Put Your Face On A Billboard
If you send text messages whilst you drive, then you are at a more significant risk of causing and being involved in a road traffic collision.  Those are the facts.  You cannot concentrate on driving a car and engage in hand-eye coordinated communications via a mobile device at the... Read more
You Can Choose NASA’s Next Spacesuit
NASA has been working on its spacesuit prototype called the Z-1. The agency unveiled its designs back in 2012 and revealed a suit that didn’t look too dissimilar to the suit worn by Buzz Lightyear. Now, NASA has upgraded its original design to the Z-2 and is calling upon... Read more
Battery-Box Provides Macbooks With Up To 12 Hours Use
All of our latest gadgets today need some sort of power to operate and that means, inevitably, that they will run out of power sooner or later.  In the case of mobile devices such as tablets, phones and laptops that time period is, unfortunately, sooner.  So a backup battery,... Read more
This Genius Suitcase Is The Only Suitcase You’ll Ever Need
If you’ve done any traveling at all, you know it doesn’t take too long before your dirty laundry starts to accumulate. And this question always arises at some point during the trip: where should I put it all? After all, you’ve (hopefully) worked hard ahead of time to neatly... Read more
Build Your Own DIY Tattoo Machine From A 3D Printer
Tattoo parlours could be about to go out of business thanks to a group of students, who were able to take a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer and turn it into an automatic computer aided tattoo machine. What they acually did was remove the extruder of the printer and replaced... Read more
Panasonic Unveil 2014 TV Range
Television giant Panasonic, have revealed a plethora of new TVs for 2014 at its annual convention, with the best of the bunch being the introduction of a new 4K Ultra HD Viera AX900 series. The firm have just showcased off their new flagship Viera AX900 series of 4K TV’s at... Read more
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 Gets A New User Interface
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has been given a make-over in the latest update to the software. Version 2.0 has a complete new user interface, which has been designed to make the product easier to use, more informative and provide quicker access to key functionality. As well as a new look, the... Read more
US President Calls For End To NSA Bulk Data
The Obama administration is all set to prepare to unveil a law-making proposal that would see a far-reaching overhaul of the National Security Agency’s ‘not so secret’ bulk phone records program.  The change would, if approved by Congress, end the main aspect that has caused the most alarm amongst privacy... Read more
Women Accidentally Adopt Polar Bears In #nomakeupselfie Campaign
During the #nomakeupselfie campaign that was set up in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK, women have been inadvertently adopting polar bears. The mistake occured when some generous donators’ smartphones auto-corrected the word ‘BEAT’ to ‘BEAR’, resulting in the message being sent to the World Wildlife Fund... Read more
Microsoft Office is FREE On iPhone & Android Phones!
Free is the name of the game, it seems. Believe it or not, you can get Microsoft Office for FREE on your iPhone; and if you are an Android user, you get the same benefit! Microsoft Office users were certainly happy to hear that the software suite for Mac... Read more
Scientists Create Solar Cell From A Brand New High-Effieciency Material
Can you imagine being able to recharge your smartphone or tablet just by lying it out in the sun? Well scientists from the Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have created the next-generation solar cell material, which not only converts light to electricity but also emits light. The solar cell has... Read more
White XBox One On Ebay
When the new Xbox One console was launched last autumn, employees who worked ion the project were given a brand new and shiny white Xbox One.  It hasn’t taken that long for one or two of those to arrive on the popular online auction site eBay.  The pull for... Read more