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If you’ve used Google Now at all, you probably either love it or hate it. I probably line up in more of the former... Google Now is Now Available On Your Desktop

If you’ve used Google Now at all, you probably either love it or hate it. I probably line up in more of the former category myself. While I wasn’t all that sure about it at first, it quickly grew on me based on the way it adapted itself to what I wanted and/or needed to know. And now, the popular iOS and Android mobile assistant is moving to a desktop computer near you within the next few days/weeks. Don’t worry, it’ll still reside within your smartphone as well, which is where most of us will continue to mostly use it.

Google has apparently been working on their desktop version of Google Now for the last few months, and they now feel confident enough to start getting it out to the masses.

Google Now Is Now Available On Your Desktop

Your Own Personal Desktop Assistant

If you’d like to take advantage of the desktop version of Google Now, all you have to do is open up Google Chrome and log into the same account that you already use with your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be all set. You’ll begin getting notifications on a sidebar.

If you’ve never experimented with Google Now, I’d encourage you to give it a try. It uses your location and search history to tell you things it thinks you need to know. And while I admit that sounds like it can get a lot of things wrong, in my experience it actually got a lot of things right. For instance: when I added times and locations to events in my calendar, it would send me a notification, based on the current traffic, telling me that it was time for me to leave.

Also awesome is this: if I routinely checked on the scores for a certain sports team, it would automatically list future games and scores of that team as their season went on. (You can also set up your favorite teams, etc. and it will keep track of them automatically).

While Google announced that Now was available to desktop users beginning on 3/24/14, they did say it could take a few weeks before everyone has access to it.

Will you be using it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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