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I remember that sometime back; I booked a couple of rows in the local cinema for my family and a group of my friends... Rent Your Own Cinema With Ourscreen

I remember that sometime back; I booked a couple of rows in the local cinema for my family and a group of my friends to see a movie.  I remember this because my credit card took a battering that day, fortunately I have some very honest and reliable friends and they paid me as soon as we met up for the film.  I must say it is a great feeling having a large group of your friends in the same proximity, all enjoying a movie together.  We only booked a couple of rows and it was fun, but can you imagine booking out a whole cinema?  Well now you can. 


Ourscreen allows you to arrange for a film that possibly is not showing anywhere anymore, to be played at your local movie-plex.  There is only one catch though, you have to ensure you have enough friends that are willing to come and watch the film!

There is a list of 200 movies to choose from at the moment, although the film will only show if there is a definite confirmation that the screen will be a sell out. This number is taken from an estimate that you give to Ourscreen.  This estimate of your potential moviegoers also has an affect on the ticket price.

Ourscreen is launching this springtime in Picturehouse cinemas.  There are only seven locations across the UK that have been chosen as test sites for the system and the outcome of this test will determine whether or not the idea goes any further.  The director of Ourscreen, David Kapur, said in a recent statement, “It’s a journey that started almost three years ago and it is so exciting…Film fans right now, are programming seven amazing cinemas across the UK.  The inspiration was to try and create a piece of digital technology that supported the great work being done in cinemas across the UK.  We are a small group of cinema fans and wanted to build something that enabled more people to watch more films in the cinema. Nothing beats a great film on the big screen”

It is a very cool idea, but I am unsure if it will catch on at the larger chain cinemas in the country such as Odeon.  I cannot see that there is a lot of money to be made from this venture, but it will be interesting to see the outcome of this.

Would you go to see a movie of your choosing with a big bunch of your friends?  As always, if you would like to leave a sensible comment, then please do so in the comments section below.

[Image via ourscreen]