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Kolibree is a smart electric toothbrush, which was unveiled at the International CES back in January this year.  The makers of the smart product have now... Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

Kolibree is a smart electric toothbrush, which was unveiled at the International CES back in January this year.  The makers of the smart product have now just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise finance for mass production and worldwide distribution.

We all seem to interconnect most of our devices and accounts these days, from exercise apps and music to social media and geo-tagging whereabouts we are on holiday.  Do we really want to connect our dental hygiene and app?  If we are brushing our teeth wrong maybe we do; apparently 90 percent of people are not correctly brushing their teeth.


We shouldn’t skip parts of our dental routine to save a few minutes; we should all have a higher standard of dental hygiene. The Kolibree smart electric toothbrush contains sensors to track how long we’re brushing our teeth and whether or not we are getting to all the four quadrants of our mouth.  The smart brush then sends this information to an accompanying app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

A really clever marketing feature with the Kolibree app is that will feature games for kids and it has the option of playing music or videos to keep adults entertained while they’re brushing their teeth. The app can even keep track of multiple Kolibree brushes.  This is so parents can monitor their kids’ brushing habits and also the kids can engage in a healthy bit of sibling rivalry; they can compete against each other to see who is brushing their teeth in the correct manner and achieving optimal cleanliness.

Smart Dentistry

Thomas Serval, CEO and co-founder of the Paris-based Kolibree said in a press release; “We wanted to leverage our background and experience in hardware, connected devices and Bluetooth technology by creating a product that will help people become more empowered to take better care of themselves.” Loic Cessot, CPO and co-founder adds, “The incredibly positive response we’ve had so far, is affirmation of a product that not only transforms behaviour we do every day, but also of the growing awareness of how connected devices can help us all gain better control of issues impacting our overall health and well-being.”

Of course you don’t have to use the toothbrush in conjunction with the app, as it still works like a normal electric toothbrush, except its sleek, lightweight design makes it look very futuristic. The brush itself is incredibly light, weighing just 4.6 ounces, which is lighter than a non-electric toothbrush! The brush comes with a charger and will be made available in a variety of colours; white, gray, pink and blue.  The Kolibree Kickstarter campaign is almost halfway to reaching its goal of $70,000 with just over a month to go. Early backers of the campaign can get the Kolibree smart electric toothbrush in white with one extra brush head for $99, while a pledge of only $50 more will get you a Kolibree toothbrush in the colour you choose and four extra brush heads.

Now that sounds like a fresh and clean idea!  As always, if you would like to leave a sensible comment, then please do so in the comments section below.

[Images via designersofthings & watblog]