Chromecast has been available for some time now but did you know that if you have an Android tablet or phone lying around then you can turn it into your very own DIY Chromecast for free? If you relish the idea of saving yourself $35 then the first you’ll need is an app called CheapCast, which is an unofficial app that works as a video receiver for any device on a local network. You will also need: an Android device to act a host for the CheapCast app, a remote device like a phone, tablet or laptop, a TV with a HDMI port, a micro HDMI cable and a MHL adapter (if your Android device doesn’t have a built in HDMI port). Once you’ve got the kit together you are all set, so follow the simple steps below for your very own Chromecast.

Step 1: Install CheapCast

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Simply download and install CheapCast from the Google Play Store on the Android device that will act as the receiver. Then give your virtual Chromecast a name, so that any device on the network will be able to send videos to it.