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If you have a Raspberry Pi then one of the things you are going to need is a case, so we’ve searched through what... Our Top Five Raspberry Pi Cases

If you have a Raspberry Pi then one of the things you are going to need is a case, so we’ve searched through what is available on the market and narrowed it down to what we think are five great choices that are not only functional but also look great too.



[Image via Pimoroni]

This range of cases, which are both stylish and functional, are made up of seven layers of colourful acrylic. The clear acrylic top and bottom allow you to be able to see your Pi, while the Pi itself sits nice and snug inside the case so it won’t rattle around. If you don’t like the multicolour effect then you can get a PiBow in single colours, while the PiTFT PiBow  allows you to add a TFT monitor or touchscreen. The PiBow is the cheapest offering in our selection, being priced at a reasonable $20.

Short Crust

short crust

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Like the PiBow, the Short Crust case is inexpensive, with a price tag of £14.99 (around $25). The case looks very sleek, combining acrylic and plastic, with great attention to detail especially when it comes to cable management. It also has a removable cover for audio and video ports, which can be removed when these ports aren’t in use. The Pi snaps in to place so it fits securely and won’t rattle around, while the SD card sits flush with the case when inserted so this too is secure.


UniPi case

[Image via adafruit]

The UniPi case is cut from one block of solid aluminium, that includes the port access. You have the choice of two case toppers: a punch-out mesh or a solid aluminium one that has access for component cables. A great feature of this case is that if you own more than one Pi, then you can use a number of these cases and they will stack one on top of the other for neat, stable storage. Although it is a sturdy case, you will have to pay a little more for the privilege, around $50.


LEGO Pi case

[Image via Instructables]

The very fact that you  have a Raspberry Pi is a good indication that you love to tinker and prefer to build your own things, therefore why not build your own Pi case. LEGO is durable and so is perfect for creating a sturdy yet fun case. You can let your creativity loose and tailor the case to your specific cable needs. If you need a little inspiration then there are some examples and step by step guides on Instructables, while Bricklink will supply you with any essential, specific parts.

Apple II Raspberry Pi Case

Raspberry Pi Apple II case

[Image via Technabob]

If you are looking for something a little more fun then these custom 3D printed cases could be ideal for you (if you are an Apple fan that is!). The case looks just like an Apple II computer and you can choose which model you want it to look like. Then you can choose which video out your Pi supports, HDMI or composite.

If you want to go all out then you can also purchase an SD card reader that looks just like a floppy disk reader. However all of this comes at a cost, $115 for the case and a further $50 for the floppy disk drive.

If you have a favourite Raspberry Pi case then tell us about it!