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Studies show 1 in 7 of us to work from home.  That’s an increase in almost 45% (or 4 million people) in just 16... Is The UK Turning Into A Nation Of Remote Workers?

Studies show 1 in 7 of us to work from home.  That’s an increase in almost 45% (or 4 million people) in just 16 years since entrepreneurs have been able to have businesses from home.  What has driven this increase?  Technology of course!  But there is also a trend whereby over 65s are now carrying on working.

In 1998, only 1 in 10 people worked from home which increased to 1 in 7 in recent times.  The Office for National Statistics expects the number to increase even more as new rules appear this month which will make it easier to start a business from home.

Remote Working

Employees now keep in touch via email; web entrepreneurs can start up their own businesses right from their home computer.  But it’s the over 65s who are throwing fuel onto the home working fire. 4 in 10 over 65s work from home.  John Philpott, from the Jobs Economist, says: ‘more older people are seeking to avoid the daily commute and the stresses of office life.  “

In order to be considered a home worker, you must ‘usually spend at least half of your work time using your home’.  From the 30th June, all workers will be able to ask for the right to work flexibly.  Workers will be able to ask for things like three-day work weeks, working only during term time and also request to work from home.  This will revolutionise the typical worker!

Right now, carers and parents have the right to work flexibly.  But the new laws will stipulate that any worker who has been with a company for over 6 months will be able to request flexible working conditions.  Unless there are ‘good business reasons’ not to agree, bosses will be obliged to give them the request.  Rural areas, like West Somerset, are filled with home workers.  In West Somerset, 1 in 4 workers work from home.  Over half of those who work from home are between the ages of 25 and 49 and have young children at home.

Are you part of this growing trend?  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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