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It is not often that I come across a really nifty idea on a crowdfunding website that catches my attention so much, that I... GoKey: Charge, Sync, Store & Never Lose Your Phone Again!

It is not often that I come across a really nifty idea on a crowdfunding website that catches my attention so much, that I want to pledge my funds to.  In fact, I can think of only one in the last year that I really wanted, the TILT Stealth 13 for my portable workhorse, my MacBook Pro.

Something else has now just made it to the list!  This is a very cool idea that is packed with a number of features and could be really useful.  I’m talking about GOkey.

GOkey is a booster for your phone battery.  You can use it as a charging/ syncing cable, store your data, locate your keys, use it as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera (my favourite) and it can find your phone!


The Indiegogo program ended recently, well over their target.  The firm advertises the GOkey device as an innovative product, which will save us all a large amount of time and energy by accomplishing a variety of tasks from one single device.  The site goes onto say ‘Cables are messy, batteries are bulky, you forget to charge them, you don’t always carry them with you and your phone drains out of battery when you need it.’

The GOkey can charge itself and your phone on the go with its built in battery backup and USB charging cable. The battery will keep you going for up to 2 hours. When GOkey charges your phone, its LED light is orange and it turns green when it is done charging. If the battery falls bellow a 20%level, then it will turn red.  If you want to check if your GOkey has enough juice to help you out. Shake it 3 times and its light will go green, orange or red depending on the energy level.  The GOkey can also be used to sync your phone with your computer.

The device has a FIND YOUR KEYS function, so when you misplace your keys, the phone app will display the signal strength from GOkey. Just like a game of Hot and Cold, The signal will get stronger as you get closer to them. At the point you are close enough to your keys, if you press the button in the GOKey app, you can make the GOkey device ring!

In a reverse feature to the find your keys function, the FIND YOUR PHONE function will allow you to locate your handset with a click of its button.  Once you do this, the phone will ring so that you can locate it.

You can use GOkey’s button to perform actions on native apps that are active on the foreground.  You can Snap a picture or capture video, change slides in a presentation, play, pause or skip songs.  It’s like using a multi function remote.

When you plug GOkey to a laptop it will start charging as you would expect.  But if you press its button, a little icon will appear on your desktop of your Mac or your PC. This icon shows the GOkey flash drive. There will be 8GB, 16GB and 32GB versions available.

Like I said, a really nifty idea!

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[Image via keddr]