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The world has changed so much even since I was a child – and I’m by no means what I consider “old”. (Not that... Kudoso Router Allows Internet Access Once Kids Do Chores

The world has changed so much even since I was a child – and I’m by no means what I consider “old”. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being old, mind you). All I mean is this: it’s not the same world it once was. Kids today have access to things I could only have dreamed of when I was growing up – smartphones (even cell phones), tablets, Netflix, iPods, you name it. I was happy with my Sega Genesis (eventually I upgraded to the Nintendo 64/GameCube), but I had no idea how different childhoods would be just in the following decade.

Think about it – it’s a rarity these days for kids (and a lot of adults) to be seen not using something digital at all hours of the day. Studies have been done that show kids spend hours upon hours in front of some kind of screen every single day of their lives. The results of this will be seen in the coming years. But for parents who are interested in monitoring and even limiting their kid’s time on the internet, there’s a new router called Kudoso on Kickstarter that promises to help them do just that. It’ll help with internet limits, but it’ll also force the kids to get their chores done, which is a win-win situation on both counts in my book.

Kudoso Router Only Allows Internet Once Kids Do Chores

It’s called the Kudoso, and looks pretty ingenious. Parents set point limits through its software on things like exercise, chores, homework, etc., and when children reach certain point levels, they’re allowed a certain amount of online time. If they don’t get enough points, the internet remains locked for them. They get internet access, and parents get the satisfaction of knowing their kids are doing things that are worthwhile and productive.

What do you think? Would you use Kudoso with your kids? If you’d like to know more, you can visit their Kickstarter page here.

[Image via TechCrunch]

SOURCE: Kickstarter