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Do you want to change your media player? Why not give Zoom Player a try? Zoom Player is a rapid and stable media player... Want To Try A Different Media Player? Check Out Zoom

Do you want to change your media player? Why not give Zoom Player a try? Zoom Player is a rapid and stable media player that tries to both simplify playback and give you all the tools and interfaces that you need to manipulate your playback environment to your exact specification.

Zoom Player has a slick and simple user interface, combined with easily accessible features that providing advanced control dialogs over every feature the application has.

Zoom Player was designed to load quickly, take as little system resources as possible and maintain isolation from other applications and system components so not to affect overall stability.

Zoom Player is both rapid and stable.

The following updates and changes have been undertaken in this latest version of Zoom Player:

  • Clicking the selected item count checkbox in the playlist, file browsing and media library fullscreen navigation interfaces now acts as a shortcut to the extended file selection page.
  • New scenecut editor “Pause Playback” entry type.
  • Introduced stricter sub-type format checking to prevent errors.
  • Auto-Showing the control bar when the mouse cursor is moved to the top or bottom of the screen (selectable in the options) now triggers when the mouse cursor is up to 4 pixels away from the top/bottom instead of the just the top/bottom pixel.
  • Trying to play all files in a directory did not ignore unknown file extensions, adding them to the playlist instead.
  • With the “Auto-Size User Interface to maintain Video Aspect Ratio” setting enabled, triggering an action OSD (like “Pause”) would cause the window to auto-resize.
  • A bad sub-type in the H.264 video decoder smart play profile could have caused issues under certain conditions.
  • Selecting “all matching multi-part files” from fullscreen navigation interfaces could select non-file entries such as “Previous Directory” and others.

So if you are looking for a fast, clean and simple media player with fresh interface what are you waiting for? You can download Zoom Player from today.

[Image via lazybearfiles]