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It’s a question many of us ask from time to time – how long am I going to live? How many years (or days)... Deadline App Tells You When You’re Going to Die

It’s a question many of us ask from time to time – how long am I going to live? How many years (or days) do I have left on this earth? Being mortal, our mortality is something that naturally concerns us, and that’s definitely not a bad thing in the least. Just think about it. If you knew how long you had left to live, you could make sure to spend your remaining days wisely, right? In this age in which we live, technology has never played such a vital role in the way we live our lives, and now, there’s even an app that uses some kind of a special algorithm to figure out just how much time you have left to live. The app, Deadline, isn’t meant to freak you out, though – quite the opposite. It’s meant to inspire you to get healthy so you can add more ticks to your clock. Since “health” apps are popping up all over the place now, it’s really no big surprise that someone came up with an app that measured how healthy you were and used that data to figure out how long you’d live if you stayed the same.

Deadline App Tells You When You're Going To Die

Deadline (an iOS app at this time) requests your permission to use just about all of the information from the Health app on your iPhone. Then, it looks at all of that health data, asks you some other questions about smoking, drinking, etc., and plugs in all of those numbers into a special formula that lets you know how long you supposedly have left to live. Of course this isn’t really scientific (it is, but it isn’t), and Deadline could be totally wrong. Or, it could be close to being right sometimes.

While I personally wouldn’t put too much stock on my time left via Deadline, I still think it is a great idea nonetheless, especially if it gets people to start thinking about their personal health. If you’d like to try it out, you can download it here for $0.99.

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[Image via BusinessInsider]