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Over the years, I have been asked by numerous people ‘what type of Office package do I need?’ I mostly tell people that it... Microsoft Office 2016 May Get Released This Year

Over the years, I have been asked by numerous people ‘what type of Office package do I need?’ I mostly tell people that it depends entirely upon what they plan to use it for. For most folks, the occasional need to write a letter and view a spreadsheet will cover it. Unless they need to use productivity software for business purposes, in which case they are going to need something more substantial than Notepad and a Spreadsheet viewer.

Either way there are lots of different options that are available. There are fully paid-for suites, such as Office Home & Student from Microsoft, which retails for £109.99. If you don’t require an official Microsoft suite, then there are plenty of other suites available. You can download open source office suites, for example, which are great if you require just the basics, as I have just mentioned.

Lots of people have been waiting for Microsoft to confirm just when they are going to release the next version of their productivity suite for desktop PCs. The guys over at Microsoft have confirmed that the next version will be called Office 2016 and it has also been said that we should surmise Office 2016 will be released at some point later this year.

The technology giant has dominated the news on January 21st as they unveiled the consumer version of their latest incarnation of the Windows OS, Windows 10. They showcased the new web browser, which they are still currently working on; Windows 10 for smartphones and tablets; and also the much anticipated touch-based version of the Office suite. Never ones to shy away from new technology, Microsoft also treated us to a new innovative product called HoloLens.

However, Microsoft didn’t showcase the desktop Office 2016 applications at this event. The did say say later on, via an update on their official Office blog, that they are going to share more regarding Office 2016 “in the coming months.”

We could assume that the release date should arrive “in the second half of 2015.” This possibly would tie in with a Windows 10 release, although Microsoft hasn’t provided an exact date for that either. I guess all good things to those who wait.

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