When my daughter was diagnosed with a severe form of autism over 11 years ago, my husband and I immediately got to work on finding out different tools, devices, games, and programs that would help her. In many cases, her unique ‘brand’ of autism meant we had to adapt the available tools to her specific needs.

And that’s where this post comes in. Not only is there so much out there for autistic kids–and most of it assuming that all autistic kids are alike–we ran into another major problem: money. It’s not just that we couldn’t afford this stuff, it’s that nobody can afford it. There are seriously apps the cost over $300, mostly for the fact that they know you’ll pay it if it will help your child.

Instead, here’s a list of more economical apps, and many of them have lite editions that let you see how helpful they are before you invest in the real deal.


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Legos and autistic kids were made for each other, but how do you take all that awesomeness on the road? With this Lego-esque app called Blocks! All the building fun without hauling your kid's expensive Lego bricks around, and it's perfect for providing a calming activity during an out-of-routine errand that's taking too long.