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You can buy pretty much anything you need for your home from Argos. From soap dispensers to micro SD cards and everything in between.... 3D Printed Jewellery Available From Argos

You can buy pretty much anything you need for your home from Argos. From soap dispensers to micro SD cards and everything in between. In fact the tagline from the ad campaign for Argos in the UK at the moment is, ‘Argos takes care of it.’ It’s looking like they want to branch out into new endeavours too. Argos is looking into bringing 3D printing to their stores and are trialling a new range of jewellery that customers can design themselves.

Argos has launched the dedicated website that features customisable bracelets, cufflinks, rings, pendants and earrings that can be made from gold plated metal or silver. Customers can choose what type of jewellery they want and then pick the metal followed by the design and the size required. This could be a good for the high street chain as accessories can cost anywhere from £50 and £220.  As you would expect you can also have your 3D printed masterpiece deliver to your home within 21 days of placing your order.

The high street retailer is closely working with a selection of partners in the venture, from both the design and manufacturing markets; including 3D printing firm Digital Forming

There is a slight issue that people may not like; Argos is not allowing cancellations, exchanges or refunds. This would obviously not be the case where there is a fault with the product. In real terms, that would mean that a customers would have to be 100% happy before they actually see the goods or even try them on. 

Argos’ digital innovation chief, Neil Tinegate said:

“There has been a lot of excitement about 3D printing and we are just beginning to explore the mainstream application of these techniques…We are launching the site this week with our partners in the consortium as a trial, to gauge how customers want to engage with it. We will assess results and learnings to inform future decision making in due course.”

It does look as though Argos doesn’t seem to care much about this new service as I have looked around the website and am unable to locate any link to the new dedicated service. Which does seem rather odd, as surely Argos would be wanting to market this as much as possible? Apparently people have asked the retailer but they have yet to respond to requests for info?

[Image via 3dprint]

SOURCE: Marketing Magazine