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The launch of PlayStation Vue has opened discussion on whether it is time to cut the cable cord and buy a load of streaming... Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue — What Streaming Packages Do You Need?

The launch of PlayStation Vue has opened discussion on whether it is time to cut the cable cord and buy a load of streaming bundles instead.

Originally, the argument against cutting the cord was hit TV shows would not be available, thus the customers would have to buy box sets or wait for years before Netflix or Amazon Instant Video picked up the license for content.

The launch of Dish Network’s Sling TV and Sony’s PlayStation Vue changes all of the earlier issues on internet TV. Both provide a selection of cable TV channels without the need for a cable subscription and paired with Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video, it is a large amount of content variety.

But what service is the best, or the most useful for cord cutters? We take a look.

The Battle of Internet TV


Sling TV Channels

Sling TV comes with 20 channels (Adult Swim and Cartoon Network counted as two) alongside with a few “bundles” offering extra channels for $5 per month. The 20 channels start at $20 per month.

PlayStation Vue has three different bundles: Access, Core and Elite. Access offers 50 channels at $50 per month, Core offers 60 at $60 per month and Elite offers 84 at $70 per month.


PlayStation Vue channels

The content is actually better on Sling TV, due to Dish Network grabbing ESPN and AMC, but PlayStation Vue offers more channels at a higher price. Even though Sony wins due to a higher amount of content, the deal Dish Network has with Disney (who owns ESPN) allows them to offer the most popular pay TV channels in America.

PlayStation Vue does have Comedy Central and Fox channels available, while Sling TV has neither. It is really best to check out the available channels before making a final decision, to see if Sling TV has everything you need, or if PlayStation Vue’s extra channels are necessary.

Pick and Mix

It is not necessarily a choice between Sling TV or PlayStation Vue, both can be part of larger plan to move fully to the internet. Combined with Netflix’s own originals, a Hulu Plus account for some cable on-demand content and Amazon Instant Video, you have a huge selection of content for about the same as a normal cable bill.

When Apple’s own streaming service arrives, we will undoubtedly have even more content on offer for internet only customers, but until one platform can offer all of the major channels it becomes a pick and mix of the best options.

[Image via: CNET]