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The Apple Watch launch might not have been greeted with the usual commodity of fans at the doors, but it looks like online the... One Million Apple Watch Pre-Orders In First 24 Hours

The Apple Watch launch might not have been greeted with the usual commodity of fans at the doors, but it looks like online the first-generation smartwatch is pulling some good sales numbers.

Data measurement firm Slice Intelligence claims Apple sold just shy of one million Apple Watch units in the first 24 hours in the US alone. Add to that the launch in the UK, Japan and 12 other countries, we expect numbers to be at least two million.

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Unsurprisingly the Apple Watch Sport takes up 62 percent of sales, with the Watch taking 35 percent and the Watch Edition taking around three percent. Over 70 percent of customers buying the Watch had bought an Apple product in the last two years, and 24 per cent pre-ordered the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus late last year.

In terms of cost, the average came to $503 with Watch Sport customers paying an average of $382 and Watch customers paying an average of $707. No details were shared as to the average of the Sport Edition, although we expect quite a few went with the $17,000 option.

The 42mm size option reigned supreme on the opening day, leading to speculation the Apple Watch had more male customers on the opening weekend. That would not be surprising, even with Apple trying to win over customers with the unisex appeal—having Christy Turlington Burns promote the health and fitness services.

Another unsurprising statistic is the black sports band was the most popular. Given the cheaper price for the sports band, we expect many customers decided against a more expensive band. Even Pharrell Williams chose the sports band for his Watch Edition—although that one is white.

Right behind the black sports band is the Milanese Loop, the Link Bracelet, and then the classic black Buckle. The stone Leather Loop, brown Modern Buckle and light brown Leather Loop are the least popular with 1 percent of customers choosing that option.

It is an interesting set of statistics showing how customers are picking the Apple Watch bands. Now we need to see how these customers actually use the Apple Watch once it launches on April 24.

In another part of the report, Slice Intelligence claims 48,000 12-inch MacBook sales were recorded at the same day, with customers preferring the space grey option.

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