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Google: Software, Browsers, and the Android Watch
There’s a reason Google is everywhere, and it’s not just a bottomless bank account and an endless talent pool of techxperts vying to work for them. Largely, the thing that has made Google so exhaustively far-reaching is its ability to look past proprietary boundaries and reach out to new... Read more
Fantastical 2 Comes To Apple Watch
As promised, this week Flexibits updated Fantastical 2 for the iPhone to version 2.3, adding support for the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch app includes a list of all upcoming appointments and meetings, reminders, quick access to your daily schedule via Glance, and the ability to add events... Read more
First Apple Watch OS Update Has A Bug
Numerous Apple Watch owners have taken to Apple’s forum and the MacRumors forum to express concern that the device’s heart rate sensor has taken a serious blow since the release of Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 on May 19th, 2015. The release of Watch OS 1.0.1 claimed to contain performance enhancements... Read more
Apple Starts Actively Rejecting Pebble Apps On iOS Store
Apple has started actively taking down apps that work with Pebble’s smartwatch, boding poorly for the future of Pebble’s system if iOS users are incapable of downloading apps for their smartwatch. SeaNav US was the first to bring up the situation, claiming its recent app update was rejected due... Read more
One Million Apple Watch Pre-Orders In First 24 Hours
The Apple Watch launch might not have been greeted with the usual commodity of fans at the doors, but it looks like online the first-generation smartwatch is pulling some good sales numbers. Data measurement firm Slice Intelligence claims Apple sold just shy of one million Apple Watch units in... Read more
iPhone 6S Plus Might Feature Force Touch
Apple’s latest touch trick is a new ‘Force Touch’ mechanism. Instead of taking every tap as a tap, Force Touch allows Apple to create different functions for the speed of the tap, the length of the tap and the force of the tap. This opens up a whole new... Read more
Apple Watch Stores Opening in London, Tokyo & Paris
Apple has invested in a range of markets outside of the normal technology scope in the past few years, including healthcare, electric cars and luxury fashion. The latter is the subject of the next big launch, the Apple Watch. The company is currently reformatting the retail experience to match... Read more
Apple Stores Will Let You Try On Apple Watch For 15 Minutes
Are you excited about the upcoming Apple Watch? Or, are you more like me – you think it’s kind of neat, but aren’t really sure what all you’d do with a smartwatch? We know it’s not going to be cheap, with the least expensive Sport model beginning at $349,... Read more
Tag Heuer, Intel and Google Team Up To Make A Smartwatch
Without a doubt, the smartwatch is this year’s tech must have item. I mean, if you are going to buy a wearable then you are going to be looking at a smartwatch. Unless of course you just need a fitness tracker, but (exercise aside) where’s the fun in that? The... Read more
Why The Apple Watch Is A “Shut Up And Take My Money” Device
Isn’t it weird how times have changed? Time used to stop when Apple launched a new device, even if it was just a shinier, flashier update to an existing model. But now, with the announcement of the specs for the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch, the industry is kind of like,... Read more
Apple Event Roundup: Apple Watch, New MacBook
The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco US was the setting of the latest Apple Live event. Everybody was expecting Apple Watch to be deconstructed, pulled apart and generally drooled all over and yet there still remained a mystery surrounding the event. Some were predicting an... Read more
Oband Aurora Smartwatch Review
One of the current gadget crazes is the smartwatch, with everyone from no-name startups to Apple getting in on the expensive fun. With a wide spectrum of pricing for this type of gadget, it’s not just the features that will vary, but the quality, too. First of all, what’s... Read more
Just What Else Will the Apple Watch Do?
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is on a tour around Europe before the launch of the Apple Watch, the company’s first product launched under the new CEO. The success of the Apple Watch will mean more than an additional bit of revenue for the company, as many consider Apple lacking... Read more
Apple Watch Event Scheduled For March 3
Apple has scheduled a new event with the words “Spring forward” at the bottom of the invite, most likely an introduction to any new features on the Apple Watch before launch next month. The Apple Watch was revealed in October and developers have been able to work on a... Read more
Apple Watch Ads Come To Vogue Magazine
In case you were wondering what magazine would be the first to advertise the Apple Watch, it turns out the answer is Vogue. With their upcoming March issue, the fashion magazine will have twelve (12!) pages of ads for Apple’s new wearable device. I’m sure all of the pages will... Read more
Apple Pay Coming To Europe By End Of Year
Apple CEO Tim Cook has been visiting Europe to check up on Apple’s progress in the region, according to new reports. While in Germany, Cook apparently revealed Apple Pay would be available across all of Europe by the end of the year. The chief exec reportedly spilt the beans... Read more
Apple Orders 5 Million Apple Watch Units For First Round of Sales
Apple is preparing five million Apple Watch units for the first round of sales, set to start on April in North America, Europe and some South-East Asian markets. The order of units reportedly includes 2.5 million Apple Watch Sport units, 1.6 million original units and 900,000 Apple Watch Edition... Read more
Apple Watch Will Not Feature Advanced Health Sensors
The Apple Watch does not have one key feature, instead it has lots of new features to make the wearable appeal to all types of buyers, from fitness fanatics, to people who want a better way to read notifications. Even though it is a broad playing field for what... Read more