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Hilariously Bad Prom Pics That Are Memorialized Forever
Prom is supposed to be a meaningful night of fun and remembrance before you head out into the big, bad world alone. Instead, these people proved that prom is also something to be endured and memorialized with photographic evidence. Hopefully, that evidence will get destroyed and the negatives won’t... Read more
Moose Malware Infecting Linux Based Devices
ESET researchers have identified a worm that is targeting cable modems, DSL modems, and home routers in order to pull off massive social networking fraud. The worm “hijacks victims’ internet connections in order to ‘like’ posts and pages, ‘view’ videos, and ‘follow’ other accounts,” according to a blog post... Read more
Cortana Is Coming To Android And iOS
It’s official:  Microsoft is releasing Cortana Voice Assistant to both Android and iPhone. Both platforms will get an app that will help you keep your life organized. With features like dictating reminders and keeping track of flights, the app will heavily resemble much of what is seen on the... Read more
Canonical Launches Ubuntu Advantage Storage
Canonical, best known for its distribution of Ubuntu Linux, recently launched several (paid) services with a focus on the OpenStack platform. Ubuntu Advantage Storage was announced by Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canada. Canonical describes the new service as “software-defined storage support service.”  ... Read more
Version 43 Is A New Stable Update To Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a popular web browser, thanks to the repeated updates and bug fixes the developers have produced that work to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. As we’re now up to Chrome 43.0, you’d think there wouldn’t be that much more the company can do that... Read more
These Beach Pics Will Have You Running From The Water!
It’s that time of year when the waves, the sun, and everything else about the beach start calling my name. But inevitably, one of two things happens: either I plan my trip for what turns out to be the rainiest week on record, or my entire trip is ruined... Read more
First Apple Watch OS Update Has A Bug
Numerous Apple Watch owners have taken to Apple’s forum and the MacRumors forum to express concern that the device’s heart rate sensor has taken a serious blow since the release of Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 on May 19th, 2015. The release of Watch OS 1.0.1 claimed to contain performance enhancements... Read more
Beta Version Of LibreOffice 5.0 Released
Devotees of open sourced do-it-all document suite LibreOffice have been eagerly awaiting an upgrade from the 4-point-something version that’s been available for some time, and now the wait is over. Skipping right over the planned version 4.5, the developers went straight to the 5.0, much to the delight of... Read more
Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Show Who The Real Brainy Kids Are
Ah, high school. Most adults (those who came through it, scathed or unscathed) make the mistake of telling young people that these are the best years of their lives. WRONG. No one who has to eat cafeteria beefaroni served by a woman in a hairnet and disposable plastic apron... Read more
Leak Unveils Microsoft “Flow”
The tech and software industry is buzzing after a new email app by Microsoft called “Flow” was leaked on Tuesday (May 19, 2015). Yesterday, the first screenshots unveiling the app leaked. The software giant has yet to announce the app, but a new download page – “Microsoft Confidential” –... Read more
New Update To Calibre For Mac Available
Calibre ebook library management software is some of the most well-known and widely used freeware for converting documents and ebooks to a variety of formats for different reading devices. While self-published authors have long been cautioned against using Calibre as a means to format their books for retail upload... Read more
Skype Receives Real-Time Translator
Microsoft has removed its Skype Translator preview out of closed beta and made the software available to anyone running Windows 8.1 or the Windows 10 Technical Preview. No sign-up is necessary. The announcement regarding the released update was posted on Microsoft’s Skype blog last week. Skype Translator currently comes... Read more
Opera Mini Browser Updated – New Design And Features
Opera Mini Browser recently received some big updates that have seemingly changed everything about the popular browser. The UI saw a mega-revamp and new features were added like new omnibar support, gesture controls, and data saving features. Opera Mini is one of the world’s most popular web browsers, racking... Read more
New Features Make Filmora Video Editor One Of The Best
Thanks to the latest and greatest in smartphones, there’s an abundance of pretty high-powered cameras in everyday users’ hands. Pound for pound, my iPhone 6 is almost up to the same specs and performance as my Nikon when it comes to capturing video. But the real trick is in... Read more
There Are Just Some Places That Google Won’t Let You See
It’s a lot of fun to take a poke around Google maps and look at the street view. Whether you’re checking out your ex-girlfriend’s house or nosing around to see what your old fraternity managed to do with all that money they got in the fundraising drive, it’s pretty... Read more
DVDFab PC Backup Released
DVDFab, already well-known for their movie backup software, has recently released a PC Backup to their line of products. DVDFab PC Backup is a Windows based backup software that can be used to clone apps, disk images, documents, emails, music, photos, shared files, videos. Users can even go so... Read more
These Statues Will Make You Question Art
An incredible sculpture is a sign of Man’s genius and his ability to bring beauty to the world around him. They’re often true marvels of artistic vision and talent, and in many cases, some of them are even technological gifts from genuine creative geniuses. Then there’s these statues. The... Read more
Key New Updates For Icecream’s Suite Of Tools
Icecream offers one of the most popular toolboxes on the File Hippo site, mostly because they keep current with their updates while ensuring a high level of compatibility across multiple platforms and operating systems. The Icecream Apps development team have just launched several big updates, including ones for Icecream... Read more