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Each week, the team at FileHippo puts together the greatest and most recent in new software releases and updates to existing favorites. Take a... New Software Titles Launched on FileHippo

Each week, the team at FileHippo puts together the greatest and most recent in new software releases and updates to existing favorites. Take a look at some of the titles that have just made their way to FileHippo.


TomTom Home: If you’re a fan of in-car navigation devices, there’s a good chance (according to market numbers) that you use TomTom. It’s user-friendly, easy to update, and well made. And if you are a TomTom user, your life is about to get a whole lot easier with TomTom Home. This software lets you manage your device from your desktop, but also gives you PC-access to a number of features, including daily map corrections (not to be confused with the fee-based updates, just error corrections), the global community of TomTom users, access to safety camera findings, traffic updates, and more.

Even better, TomTom Home will let you personalize your map information with your own points of interest, routes you use, and other great individualizing options. It’s the ultimate tool for those who subscribe to TomTom’s SatNav-based service.

Photoscape Portable: This lite edition of the full Photoscape desktop application is the perfect photo editing tool for the casual photo editor. With an easy to navigate and ingenious circular tool palette to display the specific photo tool you need, it couldn’t be easier to crop, color, or repair your images. Photoscape Portable also lets you flip through all of your photos at the click of a mouse and make any adjustments you like before sharing them online, on websites, ordering them from a photo service, or other possible file feature. Again, it certainly doesn’t have Photoscape’s full desktop functionality, but that’s because most of us don’t need to run pictures of our sister’s graduation through a photo manipulation software before sending one to Grandma’s desktop computer. We’d just like to crop out that guy flashing the middle finger and make sure everyone’s eyes don’t look like they’ve been possessed by a demon. Grandma thanks you for that.

Wondershare PDF to Word Converter: For those times when you need to edit or consume all or part of a PDF document in a manageable Word format–such as quoting text from an out-of-print book or article that was scanned and uploaded online–there are some great tools to help you out. Wondershare’s converter is ideal for that purpose in that it can convert a 100-page PDF to Word format in about one minute. It can retain any charts, graphs, or photos found in the original PDF with no problems. Best of all, you don’t have to have had university classes in Adobe to work this software, thanks to its easy and user-friendly interface. Just be warned that the free version will leave behind a watermark on the document, which shouldn’t stand in your way for something like quoting from a scholarly journal.

Some of the other great titles to reach FileHippo this week include:

  • Free Any Data Recovery – fully functional data recovery tool to help you find deleted files
  • JavaExe – launches Java as if it was a Windows app, with all of the features that includes
  • Sound Forge – powerful sound editing software
  • MiniLyrics – great plug-in for many different music players that displays the song’s lyrics as it plays
  • PotPlayer – streamlined multimedia player with a simple interface
  • doPDF – installs as a printer driver to turn documents into a PDFs from any Windows app
  • AP Tuner – full-feature chromatic tuner for your PC
  • Snagit for Mac – screenshot grabber for Mac
  • 7 Data Card Recovery – lost file recovery tool designed specifically for memory cards, USB drives, and more
  • KODI for Mac – media center application for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and XBox
  • Airy – ideal tool for downloading and storing YouTube videos

To check out any of these titles or to browse through the other great software available on FileHippo, click HERE.