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Scrapped Windows 10 Update  Available Again After Privacy Issues Fixed
Microsoft has come clean about the action it recently took to pull the eagerly anticipated first major Windows 10 Update According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 Update for November in its original form might have reset four important privacy settings back their original default settings, but without informing the... Read more
How IoT Medical Devices Are Vulnerable To Hackers
It’s a story straight out of a cyberthriller, a haunting tale in which hackers take over someone’s insulin pump and deliver too much of the normally life-saving drug, killing him with the very device that was supposed to save him. It makes for good crime novel fodder, but one... Read more
Convicted Software Pirate ‘Jakub F’ Needs 200,000 YouTube Views!
Convicted software pirate, ‘Jakub F,’ has been given one of the weirdest punishments ever seen in a copyright infringement case… In order to avoid a more severe punishment, and because he was unable pay damages, the presiding judge in the case ordered him to make an anti-piracy video…that he... Read more
Project Astoria – Windows Bridge for Android
Microsoft’s updated operating system Windows 10 was launched in 2015 to great acclaim. The latest Windows offering is designed with compatibility in mind, so the system links with a variety of devices. This cross-device functionality was first announced for Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One. Shortly after, news broke... Read more
Raspberry Pi Computer To Be Given Away Free In Magazine.
The latest version of the UK Raspberry Pi has, according to some sources, ‘become the first computer to be given away free with a magazine.’ No, really, it’s true. The Pi Zero is so cheap that monthly MagPi magazine is giving it away free with the latest edition. As... Read more
Vonteera: Adware That Can Destroy Your Antivirus
Adware really is crappy stuff, if you think too much into it. While most of the internet-using population has come to see that advertising is partly what makes your internet use cheap and affordable (even free, if you connect over public wifi), it’s more than a little annoying to... Read more
Yahoo Mail Blocks Users Using Adblockers
Yahoo has started to prevent some of its Yahoo-Mail users accessing their email if they use ad-blocking software in their browser. Several hundred users in the US have encountered a message that asks them to disable their ad-blocker before being allowed to  access their Yahoo Mail. “Please disable Ad... Read more
Dell Security Error Opens Door For Hackers
Dell laptop owners beware: reports of a security flaw in some self-signed digital certificates mean your laptop may be wide open for a hacker. According to a discovery of some odd digital certificates by a reddit user (who then posted the discovery), Dell laptops–believed for now to be limited... Read more
Using Software To Respond To Crisis Situations
There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that being a law enforcement officer is a tough–and often, thankless–job. But with constant headlines of police action gone wrong, too many people don’t know the ramifications of responding to an emergency call. For example, there’s outcry over the September 2015 incident in... Read more
Russian PM Bans State Agencies From Using ‘Foreign’ Software
On Friday, the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev signed an order that will effectively ban the use of foreign made software from all state and municipal agencies, from January 2016. The order was published on the Russian government’s official website the same day. Exceptions to the new rule will only... Read more
Why You Need EaseUS Partition Master Free!
Create, resize, copy, format and split partitions with ease It’s a fact of life that hard drives just keep getting bigger. But while all that extra space allows you to install more programs and store more information than ever before, it also makes it a whole lot harder to... Read more
Children Believe Everything They Read On The Internet (Apparently)
Ofcom, the independent UK communications regulator, has released a report about children and their interaction with the internet. The “Children and parents: Media use and attitudes report 2015,’ has found that children spend twice as much time online as they did 10 years ago. That statistic will come as... Read more
Anonymous Are Recruiting For Their Fight Against IS
Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no doubt that the actions of hacktivist group Anonymous have made international headlines. And with activities ranging from the breaking of the Steubenville rape case to its efforts to combat what they deemed police inaction in relation to Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson,... Read more
VirusTotal Lets Apple Fans Play With Fire In The Malware Sandpit
Google’s VirusTotal has begun running Mac apps in Sandpit environments to test for malware and malicious activity. The move has come not a moment too soon for many Apple users. Malware, and especially adware is at an all-time high. A report released in October by Bit9, claimed that more... Read more
The First Humans On Mars May Not Be Human
In the robotics sphere, the long-awaited humanoid robots of Hollywood lore never materialized. They’re needlessly top-heavy, their arms’ reach is limited by how long they can be in relation to the torso, and the necessary balance to keep them from falling over was a waste of technology. Therefore, the... Read more
Microsoft Launches Affordable Internet Fund For Underserved Markets
Microsoft has announced its launch of a new fund with the intention of helping startups and commercial companies to offer access to affordable Internet in “underserved markets.” Microsoft’s new Affordable Access Initiative will offer grants to commercial enterprises that that can prove demonstrable scalable solutions, which can facilitate access to... Read more
Lightroom Update Proves Need To Know Your Users
We can all put down our torches and pitchforks, as Adobe has thankfully issued an update–only a month after a previous version update–to undo some of the damage it did to its popular photo editing tool Lightroom. The public outcry over some of the changes was loud, and luckily,... Read more
Facial Recognition Software And Historic Sleuthing
Earlier this year, a great wrong was righted and a chapter of history was closed when King Richard III’s remains were finally discovered, after his death in battle more than five hundred years ago. But while news headlines of the discovery made it seem as though he was found... Read more