One of the hardest things for any hands-off tech user to know–whether a private consumer or a corporate client–is if their equipment is up to snuff. There’s a lot of wasted money out there in upgrading components or entire systems, and the result is often a storage closet overflowing with old computers that really weren’t past their prime.


One US-based company actually went bankrupt due to its tech upgrade woes. Sometime just before the Y2K brouhaha, they hired a consulting team to analyze their systems and tell them where their tech strengths and weaknesses were. This team insisted on all new components in order to be “Y2K compliant,” which also came with a whole new expensive software system that no one in the company had been fully trained to use. The end result was that Y2K actually did strike them, hitting them right in the company payroll and in client order fulfillment. Airplanes may not have fallen out of the sky, but the new computer system crashed and no one could fix it. The end result was the company’s employees didn’t get paid, resulting in bounced checks, late fees on mortgage payments, and more, while their customers’ orders weren’t fulfilled. By the time the company covered the extraneous costs associated with upgrading to this new system, they’d lost everything.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to find out if your tech is making the grade without having to pay professionals to come tell you that it’s not. Novabench’s free benchmark software runs multiple tests on your system, provides you with all of the details about your CPU, your RAM speed, and more, then gives you a side-by-side comparison to how other systems have tested. That way, you can look at exactly how your computer is operating and making an informed decision before buying into an expensive upgrade. Too often, users make the mistake of checking the age of their tech (as if computers had a stamped expiration date on the side, like a jug of milk) and using that as the determining factor in their upgrade process, rather than looking at function and performance to make that decision.

Even better, Novabench provides users with a test score following the brief scan, which lets you know the general strength of your tech. That score is even shareable on your company’s social media networks and on your website, letting your customers know that you take your components (and their business) very seriously.