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Kodi’s media player has released an update to version 16.0, and the top features that users have been waiting for are finally here. In... Kodi Media Player Update Adds Improves Features

Kodi’s media player has released an update to version 16.0, and the top features that users have been waiting for are finally here.

In the world of media players, there are plenty of software titles and applications to choose from. They range from the no-frills, pre-installed variety to the ‘be your own DJ and video editor’ in their capabilities. But one thing that users will notice is that some are geared more to the tech user who will create content, while others are focused on the more consumer-centric side of things.


It’s interesting that Kodi falls in the middle. While it has many of the features that make content creators happy in terms of the best way to utilize their content, it’s also geared towards the users who want the optimal viewing experience. And with the new update to 16.0, this open-source tool is quickly becoming a crowd favorite in media players.

Some of the new options in this latest update include:

Event Log – This handy tool shows you what did work and what didn’t work in the most recent uses of Kodi. It’s vital for helping you make adjustments to the way it operates in the future. Think of all the times your mom called and said, “I downloaded my ebook, but every time I open the app it’s empty!” This corrects that very type of issue with media files.

Add-On Manager – There are a cluster of changes to the add-on manager, all of which help the user take advantage of their add-ons in a much more streamlined way. You have to love a company that even lets you work within optional add-ons (instead of blocking them or forcing them on users who don’t want to have them, as some unnamed companies do), but Kodi then lets you manage those with multiple features.

Non-Linear Stretching – This is one that’s sure to improve many a viewing experience, and it’s the ability to utilize content in an organic way while working around its aspect ratio. According to the developers, “It’s perhaps a bit late in coming, but Kodi finally supports stretching 4:3 content to 16:9 in a way that doesn’t warp the content that’s occurring in the center of the screen. Finally, you’ll be able to watch…in full screen without the awkward screen stretching from the past.”

The best feature of all? The Long Press. What is this gem, you may ask? Kodi is compatible with a number of smart TV options, notably Android TV from Google, but the remote controls that manufacturers make for Android TV and other similar concepts are lacking in the menu department. Kodi’s update lets you press and hold the Enter button in order to call up a brand-new menu of options, and the company has already said that new menu features and control options are in the works within this long press control.

Check out Kodi for yourself by clicking here in order to see the new features and upgrades to this latest version.