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Let’s just cut to the chase about Feedly, shall we? Feedly is an RSS reader that does exactly what it says it’s going to... Feedly: Lightweight, Fast, Easy To Use RSS Reader Worth Checking Out

Let’s just cut to the chase about Feedly, shall we?

Feedly is an RSS reader that does exactly what it says it’s going to do, and doesn’t hold back on the features.


If you want to follow your favorite news sites, gossip, eBay stuff, YouTube channels and shows, Tumblr blogs and all that associated type of jazz, then Feedly is a really good option:

Because it can put all that stuff in one place and, and deliver it at a higher speed than you might think was possible.  It’s also lightweight, so you shouldn’t notice any hardware slowdown on even the most modest of modern computers.  It’s also easy to get setup using it, and overall, very simple to use.

There’s also more than way to keep up to speed with all your favorite sites, news, videos and more. And by that, I mean, the interface can be customized so it makes sense to you, and works the way you want it to work.

Personally, I quite like the ‘Cards’ option which shows a large….well…..card for each piece of news, with just the image from the original story, and a very brief headline beneath it.  But there’s also the rather nice looking ‘magazine view,’ and also the traditional mostly text based option as well.

For years, Google Reader was the ‘vanilla’ go-to RSS reader for the internet, but most RSS connoisseurs preferred Feedly even back then.  Feedly has been on the go since 2008, and like a fine wine, has only seemed to improve with time.

One of the best things about using Feedly is the distraction free experience that comes from reading your favorite stuff.  In the main, it successfully manages to lose all the ads and annoying sidebars, leaving just the bits you actually want; like the article itself, which is nice.

Once you’ve finished playing around with all the different typefaces, and display densities and font sizes to make it all look the exact way you want it, you can also just mark stories as read so they don’t pop back up again after you’re done.

Subscribing to your favorite channels and news sites is also pretty straightforward, and is kind of fire and forget.  Simply enter the site’s link in Feedly, or search by name, or even get Feedly to trawl its own extensions. Failing that, you can also get Feedly to go cruising by entering a search term and simply prefix with a hash tag.

Feedly then, is a really good tool to have in your online arsenal for keeping up to speed with the things you want to keep up to speed with.

It looks good, can save you time, and puts all the stuff you want to read in one handy place.  The best thing about it though is the fact that it’s free.  There are of course, paid options, and while they do add some nice features and added functionality, it’s not like you need them to get the most out of Feedly.

In essence, it’s like having the internet come to you, and that’s a good thing, probably.

And you can get it free on, right here.