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To many of us tech users, wifi is now right up there with coffee and oxygen on the list of daily demands. Studies have... Connectify Hotspot For All Your Devices

To many of us tech users, wifi is now right up there with coffee and oxygen on the list of daily demands. Studies have already shown that free internet access is a major consideration for most travelers when choosing a hotel, and small businesses have been encouraged for years to provide internet access to their customers as a way of retaining long-time clients and fostering repeat business.


But there are some unfortunate realities surrounding public wifi connections. They’re not always free, they’re not always secured, and they’re often not even available. But thanks to lightweight applications like Connectify Hotspot, users can turn one connection into many via their PCs.

At first, it might seem curious to connect all of your portable devices to the internet through your laptop. If there’s a wifi connection available, why not just cut out the middle man and connect directly? Ah, that’s the luxury of free wifi talking again. In places where the connection is spotty, charged by the hour, or even charged per device, using your laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone can mean tallying up a hefty bill just to get some work done.

Even more alarming is the threat associated with public wifi. You can’t know who else is on the line with you, or what they’re looking at. Connecting your laptop to the internet via an ethernet cable–such as in your hotel room–has long been recommended as a less risky alternative. So once your laptop is more securely connected and powering your internet use, turn on your personal hotspot and connect your devices through your laptop for safer browsing.

Clearing up your connection or tapping into the internet at a discount aren’t the only benefits, of course. Connectify Hotspot is the only real wifi repeater for Windows, meaning it strengthens your signal whenever you’re online (even at home). This is perfect for gaming consoles and streaming media, giving you a stronger connection. In some of Connectify’s pricing plans, you can even turn your PC into a wired router and connect devices that aren’t wifi-ready.

For full details and to give Connectify Hotspot a try, click HERE.