Microsoft’s “Get Windows 10” nagware will be ramped down by July, the tech giant has indicated.

The software has been worming its way into Windows PCs using Windows Updates and antagonistic malware-like methods and regular pop-up reminders since it was released last Summer.

Get Windows 10( or GWX in Microsoft parlance) as well as being somewhat annoying, has received a lot of criticism for quietly downloading and installing Windows 10 automatically, in the background without users permission.

Windows 10

At last Microsoft is getting rid of the ‘Get Windows 10’ message!

Fortunately,  “Get Windows 10” is going to desist from offering its upgrade and disappear into the night, according to representatives, in July. The dying act will correspond with Microsoft terminating this free offer and upgrade to Windows 10 by mid-July this year.

On Friday, a representative of the software giant said:

“Strategic measures have been established and are being finalized, but by the end of July, the Get Windows 10 app, which is responsible for facilitating the upgrade to Windows 10, will be disabled and ultimately detached from PCs worldwide. Just as it was time-consuming to ramp up and set off the software, it will as well take some time to ramp it down.”

But one thing is clear: the free upgrade in its current form is definitely ending. Users who have fought hard against Microsoft moving them forcibly onto Windows 10 can now relax.

Windows 10 will no longer be installed onto their machines surreptitiously without their consent. Now if they want to upgrade, they will have to pay for the OS.

In other news from Microsoft, the company will continue to eliminate Windows Vista’s security fixes by April 11, 2017; Windows 7 by January 14, 2020; and January 10, 2023, for Windows 8 – otherwise you will have to cut a special deal with Redmond if you need longer support.

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