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What is Windows 10X?
Foldable screens and new dual screen devices have increasingly become the trend. Manufacturers now want to show themselves as forward thinking hardware developers. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10X operating system has long been rumored to be the software giant’s first foray into the dual screen world we all look likely... Read more
LEAK: Windows 10 removes live tiles in new Start menu
A new leak shows that Windows 10’s new look will not feature live tiles. For those who do not know, live tiles are the moving tiles on your Start menu. The leak is accurate, but it might be a proposed concept for Windows Lite rather than the full version... Read more
Kaspersky Claims Microsoft Antivirus Practices Are Anti-Competitive
Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has accused Microsoft of deliberately making it difficult for independent 3rd party anti-virus companies to compete. In a blog post entitled, “Enough is Enough,” Kaspersky says that Microsoft is abusing its dominant position in the market, and is using business... Read more
Windows 10 Updates To Shrink In Size
For what seems like a long time now, Microsoft have been assuring its users that smaller updates for its flagship Windows 10 operating system were on their way. Now it seems they might just about to make good on that promise. The Redmond, Washington based tech giant has begun... Read more
Microsoft Goes All VR And Announces ‘Creator’s Update’ For Windows 10
It’s that time of the year again when Microsoft host their October media event and try and get the tech world excited about what Windows 10 users can expect from the Redmond based tech giant. And would you believe it, but this year’s updates seem to have gotten the... Read more
Next Windows 10 Update To Cut Down On Bloatware
Latest Preview build allows users to uninstall some of the default Windows 10 apps. For many Windows 10 users, some of the system apps that come preinstalled with Windows 10 by default, qualify as little more than Microsoft’s own unique brand of irremovable bloatware. Trying to remove some of... Read more
Windows 10 Updates: Hello Night Mode
The next Windows 10 update looks like it might be getting a new ‘night mode’ and it’s probably about time. As anyone who’s ever used any versions of Windows from the current no 10 version all the way back to the early 90s and Windows 3.1, the colour of... Read more
Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks Webcams Globally
Microsoft’s big first anniversary update (the biggest update since it launched last year) for its flagship OS, Windows 10, has come under for fire for causing certain types of webcams to freeze and be unusable.   The problem seems to reside in the way that Microsoft have made changes to the... Read more
Windows 10 Driver Kernels Just Made The OS Safer
Microsoft are doubling down on their efforts to make Windows 10 more secure by announcing that all drivers for fresh installs of the operating system will now have to be digitally signed by the Redmond based business. Admittedly Microsoft have made this statement before, last year in fact, when... Read more
The Clock’s Ticking On A Free Windows 10 Upgrade
If you’re one of the many people who shunned the new Windows 10 operating system when the early negatives came out, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is you weren’t one of the ones who experienced disappointing results, but the bad news is that you’re missing... Read more
Windows 10: What Happens When The Upgrade Timer Runs Out?
Can Windows 10 really be almost a year old? What will happen after July 29th? Does even Microsoft know? Well, probably, but it isn’t like their telling anybody…. For some of us it may only seem like yesterday we backed up our files, crossed our fingers, and got our... Read more
Microsoft Shells Out $10000 For Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade
Microsoft has found itself in the position of paying a California woman $10,000 compensation over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade, that left her computer unusable. Teri Goldstein took Microsoft to court after she said her Windows 7 computer automatically started updating itself to Windows 10… without her permission. The... Read more
Bloatware Free Windows 10 Courtesy of Microsoft?
Microsoft may be listening to the masses with their new clean Windows 10 install tool. Windows 10 power users have always found it a relatively simple process to remove all the bloatware that comes with Microsoft’s current Operating system thanks to their intricate knowledge and use of power shell... Read more
“Get Windows 10” Message Will Soon Be Extinct
Microsoft’s “Get Windows 10” nagware will be ramped down by July, the tech giant has indicated. The software has been worming its way into Windows PCs using Windows Updates and antagonistic malware-like methods and regular pop-up reminders since it was released last Summer. Get Windows 10( or GWX in... Read more
Clock Counting Down On Free Windows 10 Upgrades
Yep, that’s right, the clock really is ticking for users wanting to upgrade their viable computers for free to Windows 10. Microsoft announced on their official blog that the free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8 users will officially expire on July 29th 2016. After that, users will... Read more
Tinder’s New Feature Outs Its Users
Social media is awesome…except when it’s not, as Tinder users discovered by mistake. The purpose of social media is to help you connect with other people; depending on the platform, those may be people you know in real life, or people you have yet to know but would like... Read more
Windows 10 As A Service: One-Year Anniversary Update Coming, And Linux Support
So it looks like it’s true: Windows 10 really might be the last version of Windows you’ll ever need. It might also be the last version of Windows you ever have the option to get as well… if the latest update from Microsoft goes to plan. But panic not,... Read more
Microsoft Launches Win10 Desktop App Converter
We love great new desktop gadgets or operating systems but is the Windows 10 Desktop App Converter going to be a disappointment? There have been few software launches in the history of computing that were met with such loud opposition as the launch of Windows 10; to be fair,... Read more