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There’s an alarming trend happening in the world of technology, one that affects everyone from thirteen-year-old girls who use their iPhones for Snapchat to... Protecting Your Tech With BullGuard Antivirus

There’s an alarming trend happening in the world of technology, one that affects everyone from thirteen-year-old girls who use their iPhones for Snapchat to company executives running Fortune 500 companies. It’s the unfortunate finding that use of antivirus and antimalware software is on the decline, not because we no longer need its protection, but because we’ve perhaps put too much trust in our computers’ ability to handle any threat.


A survey in recent years–admittedly conducted by an antivirus software developer–asked respondents to explain their perceived levels of security, the tools they currently used to protect their technology, and the reasons why there might be a discrepancy in those two factors. The results were rather surprising: that thirteen-year-old social media addict was in the least likely group to install any AV measures, while the company executive, despite being in the age demographic that would be most likely to protect their data, often lacked enough awareness of the real threat to prompt him to take action.

You only have to look at the number of large scale data breaches that were caused by the installation of malicious software, like the Target data breach of 2013 and the wave of hospital ransomware attacks that have happened this year, to know that the danger is out there. That’s why AV publishers are not only having to make their products as user friendly and one-size-fits-all as possible, they’re having to work overtime to get the word out about the very real threat of viruses and other malicious software.

One such tool, BullGuard Antivirus, goes after all manner of threats, including viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, adware, spyware, malicious scripts, and worms. It not only detects threats before they’re installed, it can also root out malicious software that’s already in place and work to neutralize it.

Of course, if users are already complacent about their protection–either believing they’re too “small” for hackers to go after, or not recognizing the danger–BullGuard reaches them where it really matters to them: spam blocking. By helping customers avoid unwanted messages in the form of spam, it’s actually helping prevent phishing attempts from reaching your inbox. Given the high numbers of companies that have fallen for boss phishing attempts (looking at you, Snapchat and all 55 of the companies known to have fallen for boss phishing emails in the first three months of this year), it’s important to keep all of your computers safe from spam.

All antivirus protection is only as good as the known threats on the day it was installed; a virus that’s unleashed after you install AV software may or may not be recognized and avoided, depending on how it was written. That’s why BullGuard’s highlight feature is its constantly updated database of threats, giving you top-notch protection as each new malicious software is uncovered and armed for.

BullGuard Antivirus offers something more, a feature that might be even more valuable than just standard AV blocking and protection, and that’s 24/7 live support. It’s nice to know that you won’t be stuck leaving a message if you discover that someone has already attacked your network, causing unknown amounts of harm. Its easy-to-navigate dashboard and its all levels of user-friendliness, along with its top of the industry protection, have earned it some well-deserving awards in the Antivirus business.