Evernote has gone up on its prices or cut some functionality in the free plan…and users aren’t happy.

New outrage has hit the internet as Evernote users deal with changes to the company’s pricing structure, as outlined in a blog post from the company two days ago. Evernote, the productivity app and desktop app that millions of users have come to rely on, offers three current subscriptions: Basic, Plus, and Premium. The two higher level subscriptions will see a price increase in the coming weeks, while the free (Basic) plan will see a minor reduction in the service.

Basic users–arguably, quite a few people–will no longer be able to sync their notes across more than two devices. That means users who rely on the tool for porting their desktop, tablet, and smartphone will have a decision to make as to which devices they want to rely on as their primary workflow method.

Plus, which will cost $3.99 or $34.99 a year, allows unlimited device syncing and offline modes to carry your notes anywhere. It also offers the option to send your emails directly to Evernote for keeping your communications alongside your notes, as well as 1GB of upload space per month.

The bells and whistles package, Premium, offers all the features of Basic and Plus, but comes with 10GB per month of upload space, the ability to sync contacts from external sources, the ability to annotate PDFs, and much more. The price for a Premium plan will go to $7.99 a month, or $69.99 a year.

Of course, you just can’t please everybody, and the response to the changes has been unpopular with some commenters in the forum and on other sites. One of the biggest complaints is the loss of multi-device syncing in the free plan, and the criticism towards getting users “hooked” on a productivity tool then “forcing” them to pay for it after years of free use is almost laughable. Evernote does not engage in ads and does not sell users’ data, so the revenue has to be made up somewhere.

You can download Evernote now here.