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LibreOffice 2020 review: Free and full-featured
Free software usually comes with a catch. The programs are typically only usable for a certain number of days, have limited functionality, embed watermarks, or otherwise build in limits that eventually lead you to upgrade to the full version. When it comes to LibreOffice, however, what you get is... Read more
Software Review: Yandex Disk Cloud Storage
Flexible and convenient storage means you can access your files anywhere, anytime, and never lose an important document again. Raise your hand if you still have a box of floppy disks tucked away in the back of closet. Now raise your hand if you also have no way to... Read more
Four Great Alternatives To Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is the most popular suite of productivity tools in the world, but it’s not the only player in the game. Check out our awesome free office software alternatives. It’s fair to say, when it comes to productivity tools, the term is synonymous with the suite of software... Read more
Create Stand-Out Presentations With Prezi Classic
We review a real challenger to Microsoft PowerPoint’s crown.  For ages, PowerPoint by Microsoft has been one of the mainstays of presentation software. What was once a sought-after skill for employment has become an assumption, just a basic understanding that tech users of every skill level can generate some... Read more
Evernote Launches New Collaboration Feature
New Spaces app allows for real time collaboration. For years, Evernote has been one of the worlds most recognized go-to organizational apps for people in all walks of life. From busy corporate professionals to people in highly creative fields–both career-wise and as a side interest or hobby–Evernote has helped... Read more
WPS Office 2016 Personal Edition – The MS Office Alternative That Genuinely Impresses
We review the fully-featured Microsoft Office-compatible productivity suite for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Previously known as Kingsoft Office, WPS is a lightweight yet very practical and powerful office suite, which includes full word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation functionality. You may expect an office suite that’s completely free to somehow... Read more
PDFelement 6 offers powerful editing features, great design and ease of use
Transform your old static Office forms into interactive PDF forms with PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows and Mac. Despite startling innovations in form technology, many businesses still rely on static electronic or paper forms for their applications, questionnaires or surveys. Often created with Excel or Word, these simple forms... Read more
WPS Office 2016 – All Your Office Tools In One Place!
Not too many years ago, the world was plagued with a compatibility issue that had the power to stop business in its tracks. Okay, that might sound a little bit melodramatic, but it’s true. The issue stemmed from the various office suites, more specifically in the lack of communication... Read more
Evernote Changes Pricing Structure
Evernote has gone up on its prices or cut some functionality in the free plan…and users aren’t happy. New outrage has hit the internet as Evernote users deal with changes to the company’s pricing structure, as outlined in a blog post from the company two days ago. Evernote, the... Read more
Foxit Reader Takes On Big Names In PDF Software
There’s little doubt that PDFs are such an integrated part of our connected lives that there’s a real need for quality software for the medium. Unfortunately, there are only a few major developers in document software, and they’ve become such household names in their industries that it’s easy to... Read more
Google’s Software Suite Is Free To Win Over Office Fans
Google didn’t become as big as…well, Google… by doing anything small. The search engine giant and tech incubator has become the mainstay of industry-wide solutions in a lot of different areas by throwing caution to the wind and building on creativity. That intelligently reckless approach has served it well... Read more
SAP Lumira Personal Edition: Fast, Efficient, Dazzling, and FREE
Lumira Personal Edition is a powerful and efficient program that is easy to use and gives startlingly good results What’s the best thing about SAP Lumira Personal Edition? It’s free. You get an awful lot from SAP Lumira Personal Edition for a free program. Wait a minute…Lumira…Didn’t that used... Read more
5 Free Word Processor Alternatives To Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word dominates word processing. Seen as the global standard for business everywhere, it’s used in pretty much every office and every student bedroom the world over. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft Word is the only option. There are literally dozens of free word processor alternatives out there. Below... Read more
LibreOffice Releases Update On FileHippo
As champions for making the tech world a better place through free access for all to its entire suite of tools, The Document Foundation–creators of the amazing LibreOffice suite–is leading the way in changing how we look at software. Instead of building in restrictive features that require you to... Read more
LibreOffice Vanilla Makes Its Mac App Store Debut
LibreOffice is officially available in the Mac App Store for the first time ever. After years of manual installs and updates the open source office suite can now be downloaded by Apple users with the perks of automatic updates, long-term maintenance, and support options. Known as LibreOffice Vanilla, the... Read more
Beta Version Of LibreOffice 5.0 Released
Devotees of open sourced do-it-all document suite LibreOffice have been eagerly awaiting an upgrade from the 4-point-something version that’s been available for some time, and now the wait is over. Skipping right over the planned version 4.5, the developers went straight to the 5.0, much to the delight of... Read more
Microsoft’s “Office Mix” Makes PowerPoint Interactive
Death by PowerPoint is something that many an employee has to go through, especially when attending seminars, meetings, and pitches. While there is no dearth of useful advice about how to make PowerPoint presentations that will not bore your audience to death, these resources don’t seem to have much... Read more
Microsoft’s OneDrive Released with Free Storage
Microsoft started the year with a move that proved to be followed by many other changes, in particular, I’m referring to its January announcement that its cloud storage service SkyDrive would be rebranded to OneDrive. While I personally think there is nothing wrong with the SkyDrive branding, Microsoft ran... Read more