Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of social media giant, Facebook, has given a ‘number of organisations’ a $20,000,000 boost for the sole purpose of helping Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election.


Announcing the multi million dollar contribution in a blog post on Medium, entitled “Compelled To Act“, Moskovitz writes that:

“This decision was not easy, particularly because we have reservations about anyone using large amounts of money to influence elections. We hope these efforts make it a little more likely that Secretary Clinton is able to pursue the agenda she’s outlined, and serve as a signal to the Republican Party that by running this kind of campaign — one built on fear and hostility — and supporting this kind of candidate, they compel people to act in response.”

Contrary to some early reports, the $20 million has not been directly given to Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, but has instead been shared by several different organisations, most notably, The League of Conservation Voters, the Hillary Victory Fund, and also the Our Future PAC.

Muskovitz commented that while he and his wife had voted primarily Democratic in previous elections, this was the first time they had publicly endorsed a candidate, and chosen to donate.

Although one of the original founders of Facebook, Muskovitz went on launch Asana with prominent libertarian and Donald Trump supporting Peter Thiel.  “If Donald Trump wins,” Muskovitz writes, “the country will fall backward, and become more isolated from the global community.” Thiel by contrast, was one of the main speakers at the Republican convention earlier in the summer, and only last week wrote a strong endorsement for Trump in the Washington Post.

Muskovitz has also previously distanced himself from Thiel’s views regarding Trump, particularly those concerning Muslims, and also the Republican candidate’s intention to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.