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There are a lot of different needs users may have when looking for the right media player. A lot of consumers make do just... New User-Friendly Features In GOM Player

There are a lot of different needs users may have when looking for the right media player. A lot of consumers make do just fine with whatever proprietary title comes pre-installed in their hardware, but others look for media players with more customizable features and a broader range of options.

GOM Player, by South Korea-based Gretch’s GOMLab, has a lot of the same features users would expect to find in any other title, but carries that additional functionality of being able to play broken files while repairing them, as well as locate missing codecs for full playback. There’s no need to download additional codecs to support different video file types since GOM Player can detect the necessary ones and load them.

GOM Player offers support for a lot of different file types, including AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT, and streaming Windows media formats WMV, ASF, and ASX. When you use the player for content with one of these formats, the software adds it to your playlist for easy retrieval later.

One of the most sought after features of GOM Player is its support for subtitles. First, you can correct a file that doesn’t line up the subtitles with the audio, which has long been an annoyance for people who rely on subtitles for any reason. But even better, the software supports multiple subtitle file types so you don’t have to choose only one source for content. These include SMI, SRT, RT, and SUB (with IDX). When it comes to searching for subtitles, you won’t find a simpler solution – all you have to do it just play the video! Once you play your video, GOM Player will automatically search its database and show you the matching subtitle results. After you choose the subtitle you want to run, just click apply and the subtitle will be automatically downloaded and applied. GOM Player boasts access to the largest subtitle database in the World, so this really is a great feature.

Another feature we love about GOM Player is GOM Remote. You can now link your smartphone with GOM Player, which allows you to play and stop the videos, select videos, raise and lower the volume, dim your screen, and much more – all from the comfort of your couch!

If VR and 360 degree videos are your thing, then GOM Player is the program for you. It supports a variety of VR and 360° video formats, yet doesn’t compromise on the user experience thanks to the simple and intuitive interface. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a more advanced user because it comes with custom configurations, allowing you to tailor the video viewing to your needs and experience.

Of course, there are a host of advanced features available in the player too, including A-B repeat, screen capture, Media Player capture, playback speed control, and multiple video effects. While GOM Player is available as a Windows PC download, it offers apps for both iOS and Android, and is completely free. To download GOM Player, check it out today at FileHippo by clicking here.