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The power of smartphones is really amazing. In an awe-inspiring level of techno-evolution, we’ve gone from the pleather-encased bag phone of the ’90s to... Why Choose BlueStacks App Player?

The power of smartphones is really amazing. In an awe-inspiring level of techno-evolution, we’ve gone from the pleather-encased bag phone of the ’90s to a palm-sized supercomputer in the course of one consumer generation. But there are still some limitations on the smartphone of today that makes them just a little bit shy of perfection, namely the small screen and interface. Let’s face it, smartphones are built for on-the-go functionality that relies on portability as its top feature, but the growing range of app players is working to change that.

bluestacks app player

An app player is just what the name implies, but too many tech consumers don’t know that your smartphone can actually port over to your desktop or laptop computer, letting you enjoy the function of your personalized apps but with the PC’s bigger screen and full-function keyboard. It’s not a replica of your app…it is your app. And thanks to software like BlueStacks App Player, you can use it exactly as you would on your phone, only with the increased ease of use of your computer.

The Android-based player lets your typical computer become an Android-powered environment, meaning it can also sync to your Google Play account and run your phone’s apps right on your screen. It supports multiple languages, and is the only app player that has received investment support from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD.

According to the developers, “BlueStacks was founded in 2011 to push the boundaries of the mobile ecosystem. Today more than 130 million people around the world use our App Player product to run mobile apps and games on bigger screens using our patented Layercake technology. On the advertiser side we have a unique platform that combines digital and traditional advertising channels to maximize both in a way no one has done before.”

While your smartphone has a Facebook app, for example, you might be wondering why you need to run that same app through your computer. After all, you can just head over to, login with your same account credentials, and run it that way. You can do the same thing with platforms that offer a downloadable desktop version of the app, like WhatsApp. But BlueStacks lets you enjoy that same functionality for apps that aren’t supported with a web-based desktop login; even better, even the most graphics-intensive apps and games will port seamlessly to your desktop, making it ideal for continuing the fun and games on your larger screen.

Like most smart models, BlueStacks has options when it comes to monetizing. It’s a free app emulator but displays “featured” or sponsored apps for users to try. Its Enterprise edition doesn’t offer new apps or games due to the purchase of licenses, and comes with pro support with a minimum number of licenses.

To check out BlueStacks App Player, click here to read more and download the latest version.