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The culmination of year’s worth of work behind the scenes from Famatech has resulted in the new version of the free network scanner for... Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.3021 Released

The culmination of year’s worth of work behind the scenes from Famatech has resulted in the new version of the free network scanner for Windows, Advanced IP Scanner 2.4 3021.

Having used several IP Scanning programs over the years both for solving work and LAN gaming issues, including previous versions of Advanced IP Scanner!  I’ve always found myself returning to Advanced IP Scanner as my go to network scanning tool of choice. Considering it’s been on the go for the best part of 20 years at this stage, I think that’s quite an achievement, so  I was eager to try out this new update.

After a morning of running Advanced Ip Scanner on my own network, I have to say I am impressed with its abilities.

That’s Great, but what Advanced IP Scanner actually do?

Essentially, Advanced IP Scanner is a free network scanner for Windows that can examine and analyse a Local Area Network (LAN) in a matter of seconds, and discover or ‘find’ all the network devices attached to it. The best part about that is that it also makes it very easy for even users with limited IT experience to find things like network shares and FTP servers.

For the more experienced user, it also allows you to access and control computers on your network remotely, and even switch them off remotely as well. One of the best features about Advanced IP Scanner is that unlike other free IP scanning software, it doesn’t need to be installed on machines, and can be used freely anywhere where multiple networking tasks need to be carried out.

Users asked, Famatech gave

New features for Advanced IP Scanner include the super handy ability to search the network for shared printers, a “clear scan history” button to wipe the history of computers that have been switched off, and the option to set up custom device names remotely.

And of course as you would expect from a company like Famatech, the new Advanced IP Scanner has an overhauled and improved Graphical User Interface, with an improved layout for ease of use, that concentrates on showing users the information they need and that is a real plus 1 for me.

Advanced IP Scanner is also integrated with Radmin, a nifty program that is great for offering remote tech support.

Market leader?


You don’t have to take my word for it either. Famatech have some big name clients, including IBM, HP, Sony, and Samsung to name but a few, so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing.

Did I mention that fact that it’s also 100% free? Well it is, and it’s quite a rare thing to find such a powerful tool for that kind of no-money.

As always you can download and own it for free from, here.