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Enjoy Privacy, Protection and Performance with Avast Secure Browser | Ad
Avast Secure Browser is fast growing an esteemed reputation. Built by security experts, this product sets out to excel in three vital areas; privacy, protection and performance. It’s fair to say Avast Secure Browser delivers on all three pledges. We here at FileHippo have had a play around with... Read more
Latest Firefox release includes better tab management and recommendation features
Mozilla unveiled the latest Firefox release on Tuesday (December 11) and it’s had a great response. Firefox 64, available now for desktop and android, boasts better browser tab organisation and nifty recommendation tools. “It’s the season for spending time with family and friends over a nice meal and exchanging... Read more
Firefox Quantum Review: Is it time to make the switch?
Perhaps the better question is: Is it time to switch back to Firefox? One of our staff members takes the plunge and uses Firefox Quantum for a month to see what all the fuss is about. If you’ve never used Firefox before, or you jumped ship to another browser... Read more
Avant Browser: Often Overlooked Genius Alternative To Internet Explorer 
Avant Browser is one of the most popular open source web browsers that most people have never heard of.  Avant is something a strange hybrid of a beast however, being that it is built on Internet Explorer. But you shouldn’t let that put you off because Avant has some nifty features under its belt. The best... Read more
Software Review: SeaMonkey All-In-One Web Browser
Latest release of the all-in-one Internet suite builds on the same Mozilla platform as Firefox 52.7.3 ESR, and includes HTML5, hardware acceleration and improved JavaScript speed. When Netscape first appeared on the scene decades ago, most users were probably too thrilled to even be on the internet to worry... Read more
Speed Up Your Downloads With Internet Download Manager
Internet Download Manager is a brilliant bit of software with loads of features… …but it’s let down by the fact that after 30 days users have to pay utilize all the features. But that shouldn’t put you off trying it – here’s why. Despite its name, you will not... Read more
Vivaldi Browser: Better Than Chrome? Is It The Next Big Thing?
Vivaldi could be the best internet browser most people have never heard of. And that’s hardly surprising, as in internet terms, it’s relatively new. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it out. You really should, as it’s rather good. Vivaldi is a feature rich web browser that... Read more
Is Google Chrome The Be All And End All Of Web Browsers?
It may be the most popular, but is Google Chrome really the best web browser out there? Here are some thoughts, stats, and comparisons for you to chew over. Google Chrome remains by far and away the most-used web browser, accounting for well over half of all web traffic,... Read more
Comodo Dragon Internet Browser: Fast, Versatile, Secure.
We review Comodo Dragon browser – a solid choice for increased online security and privacy. Comodo’s Dragon browser is a free internet browser based on exactly the same Chromium browser engine that Chrome uses. New users therefore should feel right at home instantly, especially if they’ve ever used pretty... Read more
Ghostery: A Faster, Safer, Smarter Browsing Experience
We review Ghostery, the Google Chrome browser extension designed to keep your online world private. Ghostery, is all about helping users protect their privacy online, by stopping advertisers, social media, and other services from collecting and storing your browsing and shopping habits. If you believe your valuable personal data should remain... Read more
Brave – The Free, Open Source, Ad-Blocking Web Browser
We review the independent browser created by co-founder of Mozilla and FireFox, Brendan Eich. Brave is many things. First and foremost, it is an ultra-secure, open-source web-browser. And it’s a good one. It’s very similar in lots of respects to both Chrome, and Firefox, and is based on the Chromium/Blink engine. ... Read more
Slimjet – The Versatile Chrome-Like Web Browser With Privacy And Potential
Anyone who has ever used Firefox or Chrome should find themselves instantly at home with the Slimjet web browser. The key philosophy behind the design of Slimjet is about protecting and guaranteeing the privacy of its users but still being able to provide a fast and user friendly browsing... Read more
Pale Moon browser review
The Firefox-based web browser for Microsoft Windows, Android and Linux.  Tech users have choices now, and more average consumers are taking advantage of the chance to customize their digital experiences. The days of limitations to the machines’ capabilities are pretty much gone, and assuming that atypical options are only... Read more
HTTPS Everywhere: Making Your Browsing More Secure Without Trying
We review the popular encryption browser extension. Despite what the name might suggest HTTPS Everywhere isn’t exactly everywhere, but it’s pretty close. HTTPS Everywhere is an extension available for many of the world’s major browsers, including Firefox, Opera, and Chrome that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making... Read more
Best Alternative Browsers For Privacy
Increase privacy, security and control, with these five great web browsers. Of course, all browsers can be considered ‘secure’, but there’s an ever-growing choice of specialised products that are specifically focused on the issue of user privacy, of handing back control to the user and opting out of the... Read more
Opera Browser 46: Getting Better All The Time
We review the latest stable update of the popular Opera web browser. The latest stable update for Opera browser is here, Opera 46: But is it any good? Well, yes, yes it is, and is definitely a worthy adversary for competitors such as Google Chrome or Firefox.  As you would expect... Read more
LastPass Password Manager: The Last Password You’ll Ever Need?
Simple, secure and vital for the tech age.  LastPass Password Manager has a lot going for it. Unlike a lot of password managers it’s very easy to use, comes with a lot of options, and even the free version offers a truly feature rich environment. Studies and reports by... Read more
Baidu Spark Browser: Fast, Free, Easy To Use And Good Looking
A fast and intuitive Chromium-based web browser with cool features and lots of nice touches. Baidu Spark Browser is a worthy alternative to the likes of Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, or even, dare I say it, Microsoft’s Edge. It’s also completely free. The learning curve for new users of Baidu is thankfully... Read more