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CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is a colossal electronics and technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s an orgy of... Word From Our Editor: Our Top Five Tech From CES 2017

CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is a colossal electronics and technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s an orgy of all the newest tech that’s about to change our lives – from the cool to the downright crazy.

From Pet ‘emotion trackers‘ and intelligent jeans, to smart hairbrushes and virtual reality footwear, it’s fair to say that CES showcases its fair share of whacky gear! But of course as well as the weird and wonderful, there’s TONS of the downright cool and drool-inducing. So without further ado, here’s our five favourites from this year’s show.

1. Epic Razer three screen laptop Razer project valarie three screen pc laptop

Gaming PC maker Razer unveiled a concept laptop with not one, not two, but three 4K screens! Codenamed Project Valerie, the two additional 17.3in screens slide out from the central display. Powered by an Intel Kaby Lake processor and Nvidia’s 1080 graphics card, when folded up and closed, Razer’s tri-screen machine is a very respectable 1.5in thick. And if you’re reading this thinking, ‘I wouldn’t mind one of those’, you’re not alone. In fact someone was so keen to get their hands on this crazy concept that they stole two of ’em right off the Razer stand at CES!


2. Honda’s amazing self-balancing motorcycle Honda Riding Assistant motorcycle

It’s not just tech gadgets that grace the halls at CES. Automotive manufacturers go large there, too. This year Honda showed off its amazing new Riding Assistant technology. Using research from the automaker’s UNI CUB mobility scooter and Asimo robot, Riding Assist means that at speeds of less than three miles per hour, the thing stays upright on its own! It even works when the rider is off the bike. Sadly it’s just a concept at the moment, but we like this a lot.


3. Teeny tiny Intel Compute Card Intel compute card

In 2015 Intel introduced its Compute Stick at CES – a tiny computer that fits into something like the size of a Chromecast. But now Intel’s taken the micro-computer game to the next level with its new Compute Card. Not much bigger than a credit card, the Compute Card manages to pack a punch, thanks to a Kaby Lake processor, Wi-Fi, memory, and on-board storage. The idea is that you simply insert the card into any ‘dumb’ monitor or other type of dock, and hey presto, instant computer system. Clever.

Kuri robot a highlight of CES 2017
4. Kuri: so much cuter than Echo

This is Kuri, the super cute home robot companion and assistant. Built by Mayfield Robotics, a startup fully owned and funded by Bosch, Kuri responds to voice input much like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Unlike her big-name rivals, Kuri responds with charming robot noises, lights and blinking ‘eyes’. An on board processor handles tasks like voice and image recognition, plus she’s programmable through tools like ‘if-this-then-that’ (IFTTT) to expand its repertoire of actions.


5. Super Game Boy. Yeah baby!

Super Game Boy by Retro-Bit

The creation of Retro-Bit, this brand new, beefed-up Game Boy looks just like the original, but gives you even more joy. It plays original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges (hello Tetris and Super Mario), has a 10-hour battery life and a shatter-resistant display. And get this, it’s only $80. You’re welcome.

Did you follow this year’s CES? We’d love to know what were your favourites – comment below