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Dig deep into your PC’s hard drive to re-discover lost files. There are a lot of storage options for our important files, and if... Reviewed: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Dig deep into your PC’s hard drive to re-discover lost files.

There are a lot of storage options for our important files, and if you asked a hundred different users which they preferred, you’d get a hundred different answers. But one thing that every user has in common – which may lead to having such a firm stance on their preferred storage – is the nagging fear that a file will “disappear,” either through accidental deletion or being sucked into the mystery black hole of technology.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can reach deep into your PC’s drives to discover lost files.

Whether it’s critical work files, a Master’s thesis that’s been in the works for the better part of a year, or just your kids’ baby pictures (all ten thousand of them), no one wants the nightmare of losing their content. Fortunately, there are options when it comes to trying to retrieve your missing or deleted files.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery (Home and Pro editions) offers you the ability to dig deep into the netherworld of your hard drive’s abyss and find that important wayward content.

Home edition features include:

  • Recovers photos, videos, and other multimedia files
  • Supports efficient scanning of storage space greater than 2TB
  • Searches lost or deleted volumes on Windows based hard drives
  • Supports recovery from Windows 10/8.1/ 8/ Windows 7/ Vista / XP

Pro edition does all of that, plus:

  • Recovers data from partitions
  • Recovers files from damaged or corrupt optical media


Both versions offer a more-bang-for-your-buck Preview feature, something that you won’t find on a lot of similarly priced rival software, meaning you can look at the recovered content before grabbing it. This means you’re not wading through every deleted cookie or intentionally deleted duplicate photo, hoping to land on the one you actually needed. It’s a lightweight feature that won’t slow down the system, but stands at the ready in case you need it.

Simple menu

From the launch screen, Stellar Phoenix offers a simple menu: What To Recover and Where To Recover. This update to V.7.0. replaces the previous three menu options offered in V.6.0. of Drive Recovery, CD Recovery, and Photo Recovery.

Save recovered files to an FTP server

Stellar Phoenix offers another feature that some competitors don’t, which is the option to save recovered files to an unsecured FTP server instead of clogging up your hard drive with potentially dozens or even hundreds of files, depending on how severe your content loss was. Since some of these files might not be the ones you were looking for, it’s nice to know you can dump that server without having to go back and delete all of these unnecessary recovered files from your computer.

Try-it-first incentive

There’s a great little-known fact about this really useful software. Because the developers understand this might be software that people don’t download until they have a critical need for it, they offer users a try-it-first incentive. This means that when you need to recover lost data, you don’t need to pay for the software until after it scans your disk to test whether it can retrieve your files or not.

It says a lot about a developer’s faith in the product if you’re able to give it a try without purchasing, just to see if it’s going to work for you. If the preview pane displays the content you misplaced, then you can bite the bullet and pay for it. If it cannot be retrieved – or at least Stellar Phoenix can’t get it back for you, meaning a different title with different capabilities possibly could – then you’re not out your money. They’re pretty certain you’re going to be happy with the safety net that this software provides, though.

To try Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery for yourself, click here to download the Home edition or click here to try Pro.