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We review iolo Technology’s PC tune-up software. If your PC isn’t running like it used to, it might be time for a tune-up. Unlike... System Mechanic – The Essential PC Performance Package

We review iolo Technology’s PC tune-up software.

If your PC isn’t running like it used to, it might be time for a tune-up. Unlike your car, though, iolo has a DIY tool for the more experienced user that will let you optimize your booting and application speeds, thwart some of the standard invasion-of-privacy features, and more.

Right tools for the job

System Mechanic contains a variety of tools to fix problems that it detects. The overview screen offers you the option to repair these problems with the click of a mouse, or you can run these tools independently. Some of the top favs include CRUDD (Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers) removal, which strips away any unwanted bundled software or empty files, Stability Guard, LiveBoost, and more. 

We review System Mechanic - the essential PC Performance Package

Strip away the CRUDD with System Mechanic.

One of the top picks for Windows 10 users will be System Mechanic’s ability to undo a lot of the privacy invasions and tracking tools that are pre-installed in the new operating system. Those little privacy problems made headlines when they were discovered, largely because the casual user might not have the know-how to disable them. Even some seasoned Windows pros had to post step-by-step guides for the rest of us to follow, walking us through the process of preventing monitoring and search tracking, for example.

Fix Windows 10 concerns

Windows 10 came under fire for features that not only collected your personal information, but also that shared that data. It even allows your contacts to share your Wi-Fi connection, monitors your internet activity, checks up on which programs you’re using, and more. System Mechanic’s Privacy Shield lets you disable a lot of the Windows 10 intrusions with a click of a mouse rather than having to hunt through your directory and turn off each feature one by one.

Most users who invest the small fee into System Mechanic’s full version will be going after the PC Accelerator, though. This tool claims to work better than even a defragging of the hard drive, which in some cases can actually make your issues worse by compresses even more files.

Unlimited PCs

The real change in this utility over others – even free competitors – is first that it comes with unlimited licenses. Most software companies are ever-so-generously offering users the option to install on up to three computers, but System Mechanic acknowledges that three just might not cut it in some of today’s connected households. Also the explanations of each feature and unrooted issue are presented as small blurbs that describe the problem and the appropriate fix, rather than just a proprietary jargon-based name for it. This is going to be a big help to casual users who’ve turned to this tool rather than just tossing their computer and investing in a newer model.

Basically, while still offering both a free version and a paid version, think of the paid option as about the same cost as an oil change for your car, but with the added benefit of getting to customize so many options within your PC. You maintain your vehicle to keep it running well, and the same should be true of your tech.

Sound good? Take System Mechanic for a ‘test drive’ today. Download it for free now!