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Fotojet makes creating collages of your favourite photographs simple and easy, yet produces graphic design quality work with next to no effort on your... Fotojet Collage Maker Review: Fun. Powerful. Brilliant. Fun.

Fotojet makes creating collages of your favourite photographs simple and easy, yet produces graphic design quality work with next to no effort on your part.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that give you the most enjoyment. It’s nice when things just work the way you think you should. Fotojet Collage Maker is a bit like that. It is the literal embodiment of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software, but that’s just part of what makes it so good.

We review Fotojet Collage Maker Review: Fun. Powerful. Brilliant.

Fotojet Collage Maker has an instantly familiar feel that is refreshingly simple.

Less is more

The designers of Fotojet Collage Maker have clearly gone for the less is more approach with the interface and it works superbly well. Don’t let the apparent lack of options fool you, Fotojet is a deceptively powerful piece of software.

The menu system layers itself in such a way that both non-techy and advanced users will find reassuringly straightforward to use. Users aren’t bombarded with impenetrable masses of options. Instead Fotojet almost seems to guide you imperceptibly through the process of creating your own collages.

That said, Fotojet does offer its users a wide array of choices to choose from. There are dozens of templates, layouts, backgrounds, effects, and editing options to choose from, but they are easy to access and simple to use. Fotojet just doesn’t confuse you with them all at once. The results are also generally never less than very impressive. Users are free to stick to the default options, and I’m sure a lot of people will as they are quite good, but customising each collage is also an option, should you choose to do so.

Opting for options

Resizing pictures, cropping them, editing, and position them in just the perfect exact way you want is also very easy to do. It’s even possible to change the ratios of pictures in the collage. You also get the option to start out with an entirely blank canvas and work from the ground up if you want.

Sharing your finished works to social media is also very easy, with a custom share icon that lets you post to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Print options are also well taken care of, and users should find that printing either on the desktop printer or sending them off to a professional to print should find themselves with no worries.

A little niggle

The only criticism I could lay at Fotojet’s door is that you have to point it to your photo folders on your computer to use them in your collage. It seems like a bit of an oversight that with everything else made to work so perfectly and seamlessly, there’s no auto-population or search feature within Fotojet for pictures, or an option to pull pictures directly from Google Photos. That said, the option to pull photos from your Facebook feed works well. There’s also a large stock database of photos available for the more professional users. It’s a small gripe with everything else on offer in Fotojet, it does let the side down.

Unlike many of its editing brethren out there, Fotojet sticks to its main purpose of making collages and doesn’t try to tack on extra flashy bits that don’t work all that well. Fotojet does what it does exceptionally well.

Professionals may be surprised at the studio level results.

Final words

Overall Fotojet Collage Maker is an excellently designed piece of software that is easy to use, but produces great results, and most importantly great collages.

Try it yourself for free. Download Fotojet Collage Maker for PC now, here on FileHippo.