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We put the latest version of this popular system utility through its paces. There’s a lot to like about IObit Uninstaller 7, there really... IObit Uninstaller 7 Reviewed

We put the latest version of this popular system utility through its paces.

There’s a lot to like about IObit Uninstaller 7, there really is. As far as effective system utilities for Windows go, IObit Uninstaller is one of the more popular ones out there. It’s fast, it’s clean, efficient, removes all the left over junk from the programs you no longer want, and is free.

Independent third party software uninstallers can save you a huge amount of time and hassle. IObit is widely considered to be one of the best ones currently available. Version 7 has just recently been released, and after taking it for a test drive, we have to agree with most of the other major reviews, that IObit Uninstaller is still the pick of the bunch.

We review IObit Uninstaller 7

IObit Uninstaller visually hasn’t changed all that much, the difference is all under the hood.

What’s wrong with the uninstaller that comes with Windows?

Nothing… But nothing’s great about it either. It’s good for the occasional uninstall, but it can be frustrating to use.

It also doesn’t do the best job in the world at completely getting rid of unwanted programs either, leaving users all too often with the classically annoying message informing you that not all components have been uninstalled.

It’s a real wonder quite why Microsoft can spend millions developing a new OS like Windows 10, but somehow still retain the traditionally awful add/remove programs component. Just think about that for a moment.

IoBit though? What’s new?

Not a huge amount to people who already use it. But the latest version has certainly had some work done under the hood.

Visually, not a lot has changed. It still looks as good as it ever did, and is just as simple and straight forward to install and use as it ever was. Unsurprisingly, it still does a great job of completely uninstalling any installed program on a Windows system. And that’s great, because that is after all its primary purpose.

Nice touches as always are the way that programs can be listed by size, install date, or infrequently used. One of the nicest touches is its new ability to monitor program installations, so it can detect the dreaded bundleware of adware, extra plugins or other nefariously annoying ‘extras’ you don’t want or need. One of the best advantages to IObit Uninstaller is the fact you can uninstall multiple programs at once, unlike the Windows uninstaller.

Free? Like really… free?

There is of course a premium version you can opt to buy if you want, and the ‘buy now’ bit at the bottom of the screen does get annoying quite quickly, but for most people, the need to pay money for IObit Uninstaller isn’t needed. Not upgrading to the latest version automatically seems to be the only drawback.

All in all, IoBit Uninstaller is a gem of a little program, and a definite keeper for anyone with a Windows based PC or Notebook.

Also, it’s free, so you’ve nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Try it now! Download IObit Uninstaller 7 for free, here on