Reviewed: The new online privacy tool from the makers of Radmin and Advanced IP Scanner.

These days, if you’re not deploying a solid VPN when you go online, you could be tossing your privacy out the virtual window. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, any traffic you generate – especially over public Wi-Fi – is potentially open to anyone with the know-how to follow you. Also, with the frequency of international travel, a VPN can help you access content or websites that are available to you back home but are restricted due to firewalls that are in place to secure legality and licensing while you’re abroad.

There’s another problem with unsecured surfing, and it’s largely government-based. According to Evan Dashevsky for PC Mag, “Earlier this year, the Republican-led Congress voted to repeal FCC rules that blocked ISPs from selling your data to third parties without permission. The vote largely fell along party lines and President Trump signed the bill into law in early April. The new rules will allow ISPs (your Comcasts, Charters, and AT&Ts) to “harvest” their customers’ online data and sell it to third-party marketers. Monetized online behavior isn’t new. If you Google “cold remedies,” for example, don’t be surprised to later encounter web ads for decongestants and tissues. What magical marketing fairies enabled this seamless synergy, you ask? Big Data!”

Software review of Radmin VPN – a new virtual private network solution for PCs

Radmin VPN offers a lot features for a freeware solution.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of VPN options on the market. As the tech goes, most are highly affordable and many even provide a “freemium” subscription model based on how much data you use. There are also a number of VPNs that work well with faster speed modems, meaning you don’t have to suffer from a lag in order to keep people from watching your activity.

Virtual teams

A new VPN from Radmin creators Famatech, offers a host of supportive features, including the ability to work as a virtual team – an important facet of the current workplace environment – without risk of anyone stepping in and grabbing proprietary information. Not only is Radmin VPN for Windows PCs free to download, it’s easy enough for beginners or casual users, while still being functional enough to meet the needs of higher tech, higher sensitivity users.

Creating private network with Radmin VPN software

Setting up Radmin VPN is quick and easy.

Like a LAN connection

Of course, there’s a whole other segment of VPN users who have high-speed demands for multiple users: gamers. Radmin VPN bills itself as the most economical-yet-functional option for connected game play, as it doesn’t slow down your computer while also not placing limits on the number of players who can get into the connection. As they claim, it’s like building your own LAN connection for all players involved.

Remote desktop

Now for the best part… thanks to the integration with Famatech’s popular Radmin remote control software, you can actually set up your VPN to serve as a remote desktop to your home or work PC. That provides you with anywhere-access through your laptop, tablet, or other connected device, allowing you to work from home, vacation, or other locations, even if there’s a firewall between you and the desktop computer. And if all that wasn’t enough, it even comes with free email support from the publishers. 

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